Linda McQuaig

Journalist and best-selling author Linda McQuaig has developed a reputation for challenging the establishment.

As a reporter for The Globe and Mail, she won a National Newspaper Award in 1989 for a series of articles which sparked a public inquiry into the activities of Ontario political lobbyist Patti Starr, and eventually led to Starr's imprisonment.

As a Senior Writer for Maclean's magazine, McQuaig (along with business writer Ian Austen) probed the early business dealings of Conrad Black, uncovering how Black used political connections to avoid prosecution. An irate Black suggested on CBC radio that McQuaig should be horsewhipped.

In 1991, she was awarded an Atkinson Fellowship for Journalism in Public Policy to study the social welfare systems in Europe and North America.

McQuaig has been a rare voice in the mainstream media challenging the prevailing economic and political dogma — as a columnist in the financial pages of the National Post in the late 1990s, and since 2002, as an op-ed columnist in the Toronto Star.

She has also taken on the status quo in a series of controversial books -- including seven national best-sellers -- such as Shooting the Hippo (short-listed for the Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction), The Cult of Impotence, It's the Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil and the Fight for the Planet and Holding the Bully's Coat: Canada and the U.S. Empire. Her most recent book is The Trouble with Billionaires, co-authored with Neil Brooks.

Her rabble column appears courtesy of the Toronto Star.

Jun 4, 2001

Helping the Poor by Taking Their Food

The World Bank and the IMF seek to eradicate poverty by redesigning Third World economies along strict market lines. Often, this means that countries wanting to borrow funds must remove government su
May 7, 2001

The Real Risks in Two-Tier Medicine

Scrambling to convince doctors and hospitals to treat you when you have no money but desperately need their services is an idea so wild that it's hard for us Canadians to get our heads around it. But
Apr 9, 2001

NAFTA: Viagra for Corporations

Under the guise of a trade deal, we've created stronger international rights for corporations to be free from constraints on their profit-making than for humans to be free from beatings, execution an
Book Review
Jun 28, 2007
 Holding the Bully's Coat Canada and the U.S. Empire

Home-grown military-industrial complex

Linda McQuaig
The senior ranks of the Canadian Forces and the department of National Defence have long been frustrated by the Canadian publicâe(TM)s fondness for peacekeeping and the UN, and have pushed for b


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