Dalton Camp

Feb 13, 2002

Liberals Have Seldom Taken My Advice

According to the important Ottawa media, Paul Martin has been a sure thing in the snail's race for the succession of the Prime Minister because he has waited longest for the job. If he is somehow rob
Feb 10, 2002

Is This War About Trade for Canada?

There are many Canadians who dislike this war and many who dislike it but are not allowed to say so or express their doubts or admit to skepticism without inviting the Canadian government's singular
Feb 3, 2002

Monarchy Looks Better and Better

Few are left to believe in the divine right of kings. But the more I see of the monarchy, the more I grow uneasy in the company of an imperial presidency.
Jan 30, 2002

Secrecy is the True American Tragedy

Why can't the media visit the contentious Cuban prisoner of war camps? Why can't the allied media visit the camps and interview the imprisoned? What is their secret?The secrets here are the same as a
Jan 23, 2002

Don't Believe this War is a Slam Dunk

It is not at all certain that our American allies have a handle on the war they so eagerly got themselves (and us) into. In the clamour of patriotism and the appealing visuals of air bombings, it is
Jan 20, 2002

Waffling on the Issue of Prisoners

The Defence Minister and the Canadian government has defaulted in its responsibilities to its Armed Forces and to the Canadian people by wobbling and waffling on the issue of the disposition and proc
Jan 16, 2002

Enron Mess Signals Moral Decay in U.S.

The fall of Enron, friend and spoiled child of the Bush administration, its principal donor and maximum financial supporter, has been described as a systemic failure in which Murphy's law presided ov
Jan 9, 2002

Keep Cool, Canada!

Canada should examine the motives of those who seem so eager to put Canadian lives at risk in Afghanistan when and where our presence is not really needed and for no true purpose or clear end.
Dec 19, 2001

Trouble Ahead on Private Schools

Parents in Ontario already have a choice about whether to send their kids to private schools. The question is whether the state should be subsidizing that choice.


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