Lyle Stewart

Sep 20, 2001

No Kind of Wall could be Enough

Lyle Stewart
Former U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Gary Hart gave a speech September 4 in Montreal warning of a major terrorist attack that would kill thousands and wreak major changes in American society.
Jul 4, 2002

Three Spikes and He's Out

Strike three, I'm walking. I knew my status at the Montreal Gazette was strictly one of a progressive fig leaf (a tiny one at that). But I viewed it as a small way to bring editorial diversity to Mon
Jun 14, 2002

Biotech Breakdown

Columnist Lyle Stewart has defected -- he's decided to become Ray Mowling, former Monsanto head and current director of the Council for Biotechnology Information. The occasion? An interview with acti
May 31, 2002

Our Nuclear Role

As India and Pakistan inch closer to the ultimate insanity that is nuclear war, an American intelligence report says such an event could kill up to twelve million people and injure seven million more
May 24, 2002

A Question of Credibility

Citizens should critically examine the hidden ties between industry, government and seemingly independent non-governmental organizations, particularly over the issue of food biotechnology.
May 17, 2002

Beautiful Losers Who Inspire Hope

Why can Montrealers identify with their Canadiens despite the millionaire lifestyles most of them now lead? It's because these hockey stories matter in this real-life soap opera called the playoffs.
May 10, 2002

Ontario Hydro Following Enron Plot

Stories from Ontario like the selling off of Hydro One make me thankful to be a Quebecer, where support for privatization of Hydro-Quebec is somewhere between nil and negligible. Despite the crown ut
May 3, 2002

Former Top Rhino Parties On

McKenzie is the onetime concierge-en-chef of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada, an absurdist politician who excels in deflating the stuffed shirts that populate our politics. That and other essential pu
Apr 26, 2002

Tradeoff Between Money and Health

Depending on whose science you choose to believe, either there is a health and environmental catastrophe unfolding in Quebec's near north or simply some cause for moderate concern.
Apr 12, 2002

Life On the Picket Line

The end to permanent job status for the majority of Radio Canada's newsroom employees raises societal questions about the nature of work and our social contract. If a decent, dignified and minimally


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