Marjorie Griffin Cohen

Jun 4, 2012
Protest against Bill C-38 in Cobourg, Ont. on June 2. Photo: Derek Blackadder/Flickr

Budget bill C-38 and employment equity

Marjorie Griffin Cohen
So many big changes are happening in the federal government's budget bill -- Bill C-38 -- that some significant issues like the changes to the Federal Contractors Program (FCP) have escaped attention.
Book Review
Jun 17, 2010
Greed, Lust & Gender: A History of Economic Ideas

Economic thought from a feminist

Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Nancy Folbre focuses her critical eye on the inter-relationship between greed and lust as it relates to the idea of self-interest in capitalist economic life.
Feb 20, 2008

Will BC's carbon tax actually reduce emissions?

Marjorie Griffin Cohen
On February 19, British Columbia's outgoing Finance Minister presented a budget that included "North America's first full-fledged carbon tax." But not everyone is convinced of the tax's equity and ef
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