Michele Landsberg

Mar 21, 2012
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Unpacking the knapsack of race privilege

Michele Landsberg
It's the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and several weeks after Black History Month; have you checked your racial awareness recently?
Feb 9, 2009

It's White Catch-Up Month, So Read This

Maybe, one of these days, Black History Month will be more appropriately renamed White Catch-Up Month, a time of the year when we non-African Canadians ruefully recognize just how ethnocentrically mo
Nov 2, 2003

So hard to say good-bye

This last column is the hardest one to write. A rush of memories (battles won and lost, battles ongoing) tangles with hopelessly mixed emotions. Happily, I'll have time to write those books a patient
Oct 20, 2003

Back to our roots music

Folk music may fall in and out of fashion, but its endearingly accessible quality never fades away. As gospel churches and Girl Guides know, rousing music sung together can bond a group in high spiri
Oct 6, 2003

Why some women won't vote for Hall

As mayor of Toronto, Barbara Hall was a respected conciliator if not a strong leader, and her record on progressive issues (child care, pay equity, anti-violence work) is impeccable. If it weren't fo


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