Parker Barss Donham

Dec 2, 2001

My Last Column

Suddenly I find myself a former journalist, having, as CBC's Canada Now put it, "retired" from journalism to take a government PR job. This is known in the trade as "crossing over to the dark side",
Nov 25, 2001

The Last Days of Coal

While the end of coal and steel is a liberating event for Cape Breton's economy, it doesn't lessen the impact felt by those left behind after the shutdown of Cape Breton's last coal mine Friday.
Nov 21, 2001

Tinkering Won't Fix Bill C-36

Canadian governments no longer execute people, but aside from that, the main difference between Bush's decree and Attorney General Anne McLellan's anti-terrorism bill is one of scope: Bush's decree a
Nov 14, 2001

Murky, Messy Democracy

With so many reporters and editors tied up covering the aftermath of September 11, these media giants could spare no one to assemble the National Opinion Research Center's data into news stories that
Nov 11, 2001

The Secret of the Missing Mail

Customers who were kept in the dark for a week and a half about their missing mail can be forgiven for suspecting Canada Post was less concerned about timely service than about preventing the job act
Nov 4, 2001

Trampling Rights Won't Topple Terror

A realistic war against terror will make more use of architects, engineers, urban planners, sociologists, computer scientists, and psychologists than police. As a society, we need to think in an orga
Oct 28, 2001

The Rush to Pass Extreme Legislation

A parade of expert witnesses are wary of the Chrétien government's anti-terrorism bill, which would allow police to arrest and detain persons suspected of crimes that haven't even taken pl


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