Parker Barss Donham

Oct 24, 2001

Stripped Of Their Rights

Civilized societies regard security of the person as a fundamental value worthy of stringent protection. That's why police in free societies can't arbitrarily search large numbers of people on mere s
Oct 17, 2001

Sacrificing Civil Liberties

Beware of people who try to use the September 11 barbarities as an excuse to push agendas that wouldn't stand the light of day when people were thinking more clearly.
Oct 14, 2001

War Is No Time to Stifle Dissent

Like the estimated deaths of 500,000 Iraqi women and children attributed to the U.S.-led sanctions against their country, the bombing of Afghanistan may contribute to a human calamity that will nurtu
Oct 10, 2001

Time for Smokers to Butt Out

Health planners constantly stress the need to move away from illness care toward disease prevention and the promotion of healthy habits. Since research implicates smoking in so many diseases, it's an
Sep 30, 2001

Salvaging Sydney's Economy

Until recently, neither Ottawa nor the province had shown much interest in port development, insisting their respective piers would be sold to the highest bidders. The imminent collapse of the Truro-
Sep 26, 2001

Can George W. Bush Resist War?

By arresting Osama bin Laden and subjecting him to trial by an international court, the United States would retain the moral high ground Islamic extremists surrendered with the World Trade Center att
Sep 23, 2001

Calling It a War Won't Help

Aside from its moral reprehensibility, the notion of bombing Afghanistan back to the stone age, with or without nukes, has an obvious practical drawback: it's been done.
Sep 19, 2001

Ottawa Risks Lives on Water

On Sunday night, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and federal fisheries officers stood helplessly by as fifty-five white fishing boats raided the tiny lobster zone allocated to the Esgenoopetitj First N


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