Parker Barss Donham

Jun 17, 2001

Overplaying a Winning Hand

Nova Scotia cannot afford a strike by 9,000 hospital workers.But Premier John Hamm badly overplayed what should have been a winning hand. His political and strategic misjudgement will haunt the gover
Jun 13, 2001

Toma Young Closes the Circle

This past Friday - at Eskasoni, Nova Scotia's largest Native community - Justice Claire MacLellan called Tuma Young to the bar. This was the first admission to the bar of a fluent-Mi'kmaq-speaking No
Jun 10, 2001

The Kids are All Right

Halifax Regional Municipality's use of high-school students to replant trees in Point Pleasant Park drew critical fire. But a meeting with the bright and capable representatives of the student group
Jun 6, 2001

Sempra's Fractured Fairy Tale

It's no surprise that Sempra Atlantic Gas won't be supplying natural gas to all of Nova Scotia as originally hoped. The writing was on the wall back in the fall of 1998. That's when Maritimes and No
Jun 3, 2001

Betrayed Again by the DFO

The latest statement on Native fishing from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) adds up to less than half a truth. Native fishers are being denied their rights. Ottawa's real fear is the pol
May 30, 2001

Moving the Toxic Goal-Posts

Sydney, Nova Scotia is the site of what's commonly regarded as the worst industrial waste dump in Canada - if not North America. But bureaucrats and politicians are slowing the clean-up efforts.
May 28, 2001

Government Just Got More Remote

Nova Scotia Speaker of the House Murray Scott wants to increase security in the Nova Scotia Legislature. But each incremental restriction of access makes contact between citizens and lawmakers less n
May 13, 2001

The Price of Activism

A decade after the Marshall Commission reported its findings of police racism, two lawyers have effectively been fined a million bucks for asserting that an illegal search of three 12-year-old black


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