Paul Boin

Paul Boin is an assistant professor of communication studies (University of Windsor), and the Chair of the Graduate Program in Communication and Social Justice at the University of Windsor. He is also an investigative journalist (Real News Network, and a media democracy activist (, and former editor/publisher of ECOLUTIONS Magazine. Paul's forthcoming book is entitled Media For the Public Mind: Creating a Democratic and
Informative News Media to be published in the Spring of 2008 by Fernwood Publishing. He has also written articles including "Truth in
Terror and in War", "Re-framing Our Global Predicament", "Confronting the Corporate Take-Over of the Internet", "New Media" (in Mediascapes with Scatamburlo-D’Annibale), and others.

Jan 9, 2009

White Phosphorus Finally Confirmed By Canadian Media

Paul Boin
Despite numerous UK new reports over 5 days ago regarding the Israeli government's use of the chemical white phosphorus in Gaza, Canadian mainstream media outlets have completely ignored the story.
Jun 6, 2008

Failing Haiti: An interview with Peter Hallward

Paul Boin
Peter Hallward is the author of a new book, <em>Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment</em>, which details recent Haitian history including the 2004 coup backed by the Uni
May 31, 2007

Time for CRTC chair to resign

Paul Boin
The CRTC decision on May 17 to no longer regulate network advertising limits, and recent comments by its Chairman, Konrad Von Finckenstein, make it painfully obvious that this CRTC head is unfit for
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