Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale is the author of three non-fiction books: Lost in the Suburbs: A Political Travelogue, Candy from Strangers: Kids and Consumer Culture, and McLuhan's Children: The Greenpeace Message and the Media. He has made radio documentaries for CBC radio's Ideas, and has written for publications including the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Washington Post, This Magazine and NOW.

Stephen Dale
Book Review
Jul 24, 2014

Canada went to war. But why?

Stephen Dale
What kind of values really drove a generation of young people to sign up in huge numbers for one of the bloodiest episodes in human history? Stephen Dale examines this question in 'Noble Illusions.'
Nov 23, 2009

A new road to health on the street

Stephen Dale
Ottawa's Youth Services Bureau -- in partnership with a local clinic, the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre -- recently opened a drop-in centre specializing in care for street-involved youth.
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