Bob Chandler

Bob Chandler is a blogger and has been a labour and social justice activist his entire adult life and then some! He's also a geek with a capital “G”!

He's so geeky that he was a geek long before the general public started using computers. Bob is also a ham radio operator and when spitting radio waves into the ionosphere his callsign is VE3SRE.

He thinks that ham radio was planet earth's first “electronic social network.”

For the last two decades Bob has been a project representative for a union-based education centre in Toronto working on programmes to assist the unemployed.

Bob Chandler
Aug 27, 2013
Watching the Watchers

In defence of online anonymity

Bob Chandler
A recent rabble staff blog asked if should ban anonymous comments. My answer is no! Here's why!
Jan 27, 2012
Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi sure tastes good!

Bob Chandler
Can a $25 computer teach kids to write computer software instead of just learning how to use Microsoft Office? That's what the Raspberry Pi Foundation is hoping.


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