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Victoria Fenner is executive producer of the rabble podcast network (rpn) at the progressive news site In her work as a podcaster, she draws upon many years of experience in community radio, and over a decade's experience as a current affairs journalist, audio engineer and producer at the CBC. Victoria has also worked in programming, management and training at community radio stations in the United States and Canada and has created many projects which encourage people to find their voice through media. She is on the board of the Community Radio Fund of Canada and works as a consultant with the Canadian Association of Community Television Stations and Users (CACTUS).

Mar 5, 2021
Image: Climate Action Muskoka. Used with Permission.

Climate Action Muskoka -- in their own voices

rabble radio
Maya Bhullar talks to Sue McKenzie and Linda Mathers about how they organized to have their cottage country municipality declare a climate emergency.
Feb 25, 2021
Image: Alyssa Wright/Barrie City Council. Used with permission.

Engage Barrie shows you CAN fight city hall

rabble radio
In the first of our "rabble rousers to watch" podcasts, we have a conversation about Engage Barrie, a group trying to bring about progressive political change in a very conservative city.
Dec 18, 2020
Images:  Heather Cleveland, Stephan Reilly, Gabriela Vanden. Used with permission.

Media artists are needed more than ever during COVID

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Making video games and other forms of online entertainment are keeping media artists busy during this time. Two video game designers and a D.O.P. for film tell us how COVID is affecting them.
Nov 26, 2020
Image: "Feel Deeply." Copyright Kimberly Edgar. Used with permission.

Art in the isolation of Canada's north

rabble radio
Kimberly Edgar talks about the isolation of Dawson City, Yukon, and how being up north in a small community has helped their art to flourish during COVID-19, in Episode 2 of "My Art Wears a Mask."


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