Public Service Alliance of Canada

Formed in 1966, the Public Service Alliance of Canada is one of Canada's largest unions. A truly national union representing 165,000 members from coast to coast to coast, the PSAC also maintains an international profile through its representation of members who work abroad in embassies and consulates.

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Jun 17, 2003

Nordion Meddles in Union?

Nordion International stands accused of violating its workers’ collective bargaining rights. The Canada Industrial Relations Board has received a complaint from the Public Service Alliance of Ca
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Jun 13, 2003

More Hardship for Toronto?

Pearson International Airport is preparing to lock out some 600 workers on August 1. The move would disrupt travel to and through Toronto, compounding the turbulence stirred up by Air Canada’s w
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Dec 3, 2002

Proud, Harried and Harassed

Federal public sector workers are proud of their work, and many report growing job satisfaction. Those are among the positive findings of the latest <a href="


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