Image: Sparrow and Crow Films and Loretta S. Todd. Used with permission.
David Peck | Loretta Sarah Todd's "Monkey Beach" explores Indigenous storytelling, delicate spaces and narrative anchors in a film version of Eden Robinson's novel.
Image: Northern Banner Releasing. Used with permission.
David Peck | Would you time travel if you could? David Peck talks to Daniel Stern, one of the stars of "James vs. His Future Self" and riffs on themes about living in the now rather than the future.
Video still from film "Two Scoops" by Jackie Traverse
June Chua | VUCAVU is the brainchild of independent video and film distributors from across Canada, concerned by the tidal wave of digitization that has pushed lesser-known artists to the edges of distribution.
Manic director Kalina Bertin
Face2Face | Kalina Bertin and Face2Face host David Peck talk about her new film Manic, which chronicle's Bertin's struggle to understand the legacy of mental illness in her family.
Image courtesy of 'Who is Arthur Chu?'
June Chua | They say the personal is political. And the film "Who is Arthur Chu?" is testament in every way to that statement. It's featured in this year's Hot Docs festival launching April 27 in Toronto.
Luke Galati on Community, Basketball, Toronto and Gentrification
Face2Face | Luke Galati on community, the changing face of Toronto and gentrification. "Eastern" captures the story of a high school basketball powerhouse but is a story of the changing face of a neighbourhood.
Ashley McKenzie on Werewolf, existentialism and addictions.
Face2Face | Ashley and I talk about her new film "Werewolf," choices and addictions, modern existentialism, Albert Camus and about "paying attention."
June Chua | Koneline focuses on the "golden triangle" of land in northwest B.C. where copper and gold mining companies are busy drilling into prime territory where local people hunt and fish.
Mina and Selwyn talk about inclusion, racism in Canada, the voice of the underdo
Face2Face | Mina and Selwyn talk about inclusion, racism in Canada, the voice of the underdog and about film as propaganda.
Deepa Mehta presented to the University of Calgary's Department of Communication
Penney Kome | The iconic filmmaker's latest feature, a stylish Beeba Boys gangster thriller, riles some South Asian communities.
Image: Syria Film Festival facebook page
Adam Riggio | In November, the Syria Film Festival took place in Toronto driven by its humanitarian concern and justice for Syrian refugees and freedom from war, violence, and oppression.
Paul Gross
Face2Face | Listen in as Paul talks about the complexities of war, how the world is "not settling down" and about his encounter with absolutes.