Image: Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan and Grant Street Productions. Used with permission.
David Peck | Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan talk about "The New Corporation," a film about the devastating power of corporations and their role in spiralling inequality.
Photo taken at a George Floyd rally in May 2020. Image: Anthony Crider/Flickr
Khadijah Kanji | Part two in a series addressing the myths that conflate multiculturalism and anti-racism.
Image: PebblePicJay/Flickr​
Ed Finn, Brian Arden | A satirical look at the doctrines and dogmas of capitalism and neoliberalism.
Image: Miguel Bruna/Unsplash
Ed Finn | Only if enough valiant and dedicated progressives rally behind a global campaign to dump capitalism in time to avert another pandemic will humankind survive.
A streetcar passes through a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Image: La Citta Vita/Flickr
Ed Finn | We cannot afford to return to a business-as-usual economic model that kills many, impoverishes millions and fuels global warming.
Transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, isolated from a patient. Image: NIAID/Flickr
Jeff Shantz | The pandemic has shown that society organized around production for profit destroys nature and harms most of the world's population. But we are also seeing signs of socialistic alternatives.
A refinery in Gold bar, Alberta. Image: Kurt Bauschardt/Flickr
Ed Finn | Can world wide catastrophe be prevented? Yes, it could, but only if capitalism is replaced by a planet-friendly progressive socialist economy.
Shoppers in the U.K. maintain social distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic. (Image: Tim Dennell/Flickr)
Penney Kome | The economy will have to change to accommodate contagion concerns that are likely to continue for two or three years due to uneven isolation rules.
Image: SD-Pictures/Pixabay
Ed Finn | Unless the world's political leaders put an end to capitalist rule, capitalist rule will put an end to most of the world's inhabitants.
Image: Tristan Collicott‎/Caremongering-TO/Facebook
Khadijah Kanji | COVID-era communal care offers an example of how charitable giving and political organizing can come together for a common purpose: to redistribute the world's assets based on need.
UN climate talks failed to muster a consensus on real climate action last December. Image: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)/Flickr
Ed Finn | Capitalism is incompatible with a clean climate. Governments all over the world must make transformative social and economic changes to prevent global climate catastrophe.
People in Khlong Khwang, Nonthaburi, Thailand compete with the excavator to collect recyclable items and sell them. Image: Thibaud Saintin/Flickr
Linda McQuaig | The forces fighting capitalism's worst excesses are responsible for improving people's lives.