Feb 24, 2009

President needs to stiffen spine

The real question is whether Obama can deliver. He can't satisfy the masses who love him and also satisfy the people responsible for the disastrous agenda of the last 25 years.
Feb 11, 2009

If Obama didn't exist, he'd have to be invented

Corvin Russell
It has been amazing to watch how media elites and the ruling classes can quickly recalibrate their beliefs. Everyone is a Keynesian now, but apparently nobody was wrong before.
Feb 10, 2009

France leads the way

With unemployment rising, along with the cost of living, trade unions in France are planning a second one-day general strike for March 19.
Feb 6, 2009

All of them must go

As cities around the world are rocked with protests, it's clear governments that respond to economic crisis with the discredited free-market agenda will not survive.


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