carbon footprint

Dec 21, 2014

Book: How Bad Are Bananas?

Author Mike Berners-Lee figured out the carbon footprint of more than a hundred things, from sending an email or installing solar panels to starting a war.
Sep 22, 2014
Photo: Tracey Mitchell

On the ground at the People's Climate March

Tracey Mitchell
After 25 years of inaction by government and industry, it is hard for people to continue to act, to continue to believe that climate justice is possible. This weekend, that may have changed.
Feb 20, 2012

Air travel and carbon footprint

Marc Lee
A bi-annual vehicle emissions test got me thinking about my personal carbon footprint. A lot of broad-brush numbers and calculators exist out there to calculate one's footprint.
Nov 15, 2011

CCPA report: Who Occupies the Sky?

Marc Lee
CCPA released a new report today that makes links between inequality and carbon footprints. The analysis is timely given the Occupy movement's focus on inequality and movements for climate justice.
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