Central America

Aug 10, 2009

Toronto once again rallies against the coup in Honduras

John Bonnar
The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN) rallied in Toronto on Saturday, condemning the military coup d’etat in Honduras and what they called U.S. involvement and support for a dictatorship.
Jul 5, 2009

President Zelaya set to return to Honduras

rabble staff
A week after the illegal coup in Honduras, supporters of democracy continue to rally and brave military repression. Three people were reported killed Sunday. (Photo: http://www.iuf.org/www/en/)
May 15, 2009

Canada and the Americas: Free trade can be deadly

Stefan Christoff
Canada has aggressively pushed to establish trade agreements in the Americas and, in pursuit of this, signed bilateral trade deals with Peru and Colombia in 2009.


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