Jun 14, 2017
"If the climate were a bank, it would be saved," protest sign from the Women's March. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mark Dixon

Trump is a pariah in the face of climate crisis

David Suzuki
If there's a bright side to Trump's decision, it's that climate change has received more serious media coverage than ever before, and people around the world have agreed to increase their efforts.

Chernobyl: Conversations and Children - 30 Years Later

Apr 27, 2016
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham
Toronto , ON
43° 47' 31.4592" N, 79° 14' 16.3464" W
Ontario CA
To honor the victims we are screening the 2014 Japanese documentary 'Children of Chernobyl 28 Years Later: A report on low-level, long-term radiation exposure.'
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