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Israeli police officers in Lod. Image credit: Israel Police/Wikimedia Commons
Karl Nerenberg | What started as peaceful resistance to the latest attempted expulsion of Arabs from their homes in East Jerusalem has forced the Palestinian question onto centre stage.
Book Review
Alexa McDonough. Image: Book cover
Monia Mazigh | Stephen Kimber's new book is a wonderful and detailed account of Alexa McDonough's rich life and political career.
Jagmeet Singh virtually attends 2021 NDP convention. Image credit: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Robert Hackett | Is the NDP a party, or a movement? And does it matter? At a time of climate emergency, it does.
Jagmeet Singh. Image credit: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Karl Nerenberg | New Democrats and Liberals both had their conventions this past weekend. Liberal delegates were more focused on winning the next election and less on policy debates than their NDP counterparts.
Why Palestine solidarity matters at the NDP convention
rabble staff | David Mivasair, Libby Davies, Zahia El-Masri, Hammam Farah, and Svend Robinson discuss the importance of Palestine solidarity in the NDP.
Sara Rans, Rabbi David Mivasair, Sam Hersh | Two resolutions being proposed at the upcoming NDP convention are integral to the NDP's being an anti-racist and anti-colonial party.
Why Palestine solidarity matters at the NDP convention
rabble staff | Join Libby Davies, Zahia El-Masri, Hammam Farah, Svend Robinson and David Mivasair for a discussion on the importance of Palestine solidarity in the NDP.
Adult hands. Image: sabinevanerp/Pixabay
Karl Nerenberg | Long-term care for the elderly is the weak sibling of Canada's health system. If we did not know that previously, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven it conclusively.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the House of Commons, September 2020. Image credit: Adam Scotti/PMO
Karl Nerenberg | The purpose of the NDP's pharmacare bill was to advance a process to which the Trudeau government claims it is fully committed. And yet the governing Liberals voted against it.
Jagmeet Singh at climate strike in Victoria, B.C., Sept. 29, 2019.Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Robert Hackett | With one single pro-climate act, Singh could show a firm commitment to a fundamental plank in the NDP's platform -- to end subsidies to fossil fuels.
Image: Jagmeet Singh/Facebook
Ed Finn | If the NDP holds the balance of power over a minority Liberal government, it could force Justin Trudeau to actually keep some of his promises this time, and even adopt key progressive proposals.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with federal party leaders November 28, 2018. Image: Adam Scotti/PMO
Duncan Cameron | If early electoral opinion data holds, the Liberals should win the largest number of seats on October 21. With five parties contesting the election, the potential for a minority government is high.