Jul 25, 2012
Highway extension sandpit

Protecting the Wakefield Spring

Brent Patterson
Since early 2010, residents of Wakefield, Quebec have been raising concerns about the impact of highway construction on their local water, specifically the Wakefield Spring.
Jun 5, 2012

Jean Charest: The Little Chieftain

Quebec is now living through La Petite Noirceur (Dark Era Lite). The choice of a failed Conservative leader, Jean Charest, has ended up turning back the clock to the reign of Maurice Duplessis.
Mar 5, 2010

MakerCulture: Building communities through culture

Madelyn Chung
Sasha-Ann Simons
Lauren Solski
Do-It-Yourself (DIY), or "making" has become a popular trend over the past few years. Here is a look at some of those who are doing it for themselves.


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