Mar 22, 2016

Why a centrist NDP is not an option

Political parties of the left exist to reverse the prevailing balance of political forces, not sell out the weaker groups. When a party such as the NDP forgets why it exists, its constituents desert.
Mar 16, 2016
Gibeau Orange Julep in Montreal, Quebec.

Quebec doesn't need its own NDP

Nora Loreto
NDP activists need to know: if the party jumps into provincial politics, it will be relegated to a fight for the centre.
Mar 16, 2016
Photo: flickr/ bcndp

Mulcair faces fire as NDP convention nears

Karl Nerenberg
A group of Quebec NDPers wrote an open letter calling for changes in the party but not for Tom Mulcair's head. Others have now joined the fray, and they are not shy about targeting the leader.


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