May 6, 2013
 Photo: proposed location of Site C Dam by flickr/tuchoti

Debt-free B.C.?

Marvin Shaffer
Is Premier Christy Clark's election-inspired promise of a debt-free B.C. to be taken seriously? Marvin Shaffer persuasively argues no.
Feb 1, 2013

Repeat after me: Ontario is not Greece

Trish Hennessy
The Fraser Institute has a new report warning Ontario could become the next Greece or California because of the size of its debt.
Jul 5, 2012
Screenshot from Steven Keen's talk "Canada's Debt Bubble"

Keen on economics and Canadian debt

David Macdonald
I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Steven Keen's talk "Canada's Debt Bubble" on June 28. I immediately purchased Steven's book, Debunking Economics, and read it all weekend.


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