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Feb 22, 2011

Weekly Audit: A recall fight brewing in Wisconsin?

Lindsay Beyerstein
Tens of thousands of people continue their peaceful occupation of the Wisconsin state capital to protest a bill that would abolish most collective bargaining rights for public employees...

An evening with Amy Goodman

Feb 26, 2011 to Feb 27, 2011
University of Alberta
Education North Building 2115
Edmonton , AB
53° 31' 25.7664" N, 113° 31' 23.142" W
Alberta CA
Join Amy Goodman for a discussion about the role of independent media in promoting social justice.
Jan 26, 2011

Weekly Pulse: Don't snort bath salts, kids

Lindsay Beyerstein
According to Robin Marty of, today's young whippersnappers are snorting bath salts and plant food to get their kicks. But keep in mind that "bath salt" and "plant food" are just euphemisms.
Jan 18, 2011

Weekly Audit: What will the GOP cut?

Lindsay Beyerstein
The Republicans won control of the House and picked up seats in the Senate in the midterm election on nebulous promises to slash spending and reduce the size of the federal government.


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