Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
A. Splawinski | A new study reveals that Canada's Conservative government is not an accurate reflection of our population. Now that could encompass a whole myriad of things (and it does).
rabbleTV | Issues of Islamophobia are in the headlines again. Author and academic Reza Aslan spoke on the issue of Islamophobia at the 2014 National Council of Canadian Muslims' Gala in Toronto.
Redeye Collective | A survey by the Wikipedia Foundation discovered that more than 85 per cent of editors are men. Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are one attempt to address this imbalance, but women are still holding back.
Photo: flickr/U.S. Embassy, Jakarta
Amira Elghawaby | If young women and girls can't find role models within the pages of teen magazines or most mainstream books and film, then where can they find them? The answer should be, within their communities.
Operation Maple | Operation Maple speaks with Queen Cee, the founder and director of Be-You-Tiful Girls Club about token Black Barbies and her new project.
Photo: flickr/Oregon Department of Transportation
Amira Elghawaby | Earlier this month, the Toronto District School Board was in hot water after its plan to help Somali-Canadian youth better succeed in school became controversial.
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Amira Elghawaby | One in five Canadians is a member of a visible minority. So, why is this diversity so grossly underrepresented in Canadian broadcast and print media?
Pride Flag
David J. Climenhaga | The jury is out on whether Alberta's politicians are sincere in their sudden conversion to the cause of LGBTQ rights.
Photo: OFL Communications
H.G. Watson | President of the OFL, Sid Ryan, discussed the Conservatives' outright attack on labour, how to implement diversity on all levels and labour's plan to combat 'right to work' laws.
Rick Salutin | The Parti Québécois government in Quebec is floating a "Charter of Quebec Values." It makes me nostalgic for the old days of Quebec nationalism.
Photo: Farhat Rehman
Rahat Kurd | With singers, poets and spoken word artists in the program, the Peace Iftar has affirmed its place in the Toronto interfaith, arts, LGBTQ, Muslim and wider communities as a "bridge-builder."
Book Review
Paul Fontaine | The need for diversity of opinion in Canadian media is dire. Two books are a call to action for more voices in our media.