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Emily Slofstra | Daryn Caister interviews Rob Thacker for the Night issue of Alternatives Journal. Thacker is a Canada Research Chair in Astronomy at SMU.
Fiona Rayher and Tara Mahoney | The New Era blog demonstrates how young change agents are successfully using new tools and new approaches to re-imagine politics, commerce, culture, faith, collaboration, democracy and community.
Velcrow Ripper | My journey has been to recognize the life-affirming spirit of our times. I learned that if we treat this earth better, potential disaster could be transformed into the greatest love story ever told.
rabbleTV | Watch Food Secure Canada's Biennial Assembly, which brought together farmers, food security advocates, environmentalists and supporters in Montreal Nov. 26 to 28.
Alice Klein | Tragedy poses the basic questions: What is life really all about? Is nature trying to tell us something? Biomimicry is based on a deep biological read of exactly these two questions.
Jerry West | I was going over some of the press releases from the provincial government recently when I found one from last April titled "Awards Honour Commitment To Sustainable Mining."
Jerry West | The balance between organisms that has provided the ecosystem that maintains life as we know it, has been seriously disrupted.
Healing the Earth radio, Root Force | In their own words, Root Force is a strategic campaign designed to exploit weak points in the global economy and hasten the system’s collapse. They also promote a deep critique of infrastructure.