A dialogue on Beaver Lake and biodiversity

Aug 7, 2010
Stanley Park Pavilion (beside Malkin Bowl)
Second floor entrance of the Stanley Park Ecology Society
Vancouver , BC
49° 14' 54.6828" N, 123° 6' 31.68" W
British Columbia CA
Join Stanley Park Ecology Society, Commissioner Woodcock, Vivan Pan and the Stanley Park Ecology Society for a walk and a conversation about the future of Beaver Lake.

Red is the New Green: Marx's Ecology

Jul 21, 2010 to Jul 29, 2010
Bloor Gladstone Library
1101 Bloor St. W In the meeting room to the right of the main entrance
M6H 1M7 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 36.432" N, 79° 26' 2.7636" W
Ontario CA
This is a two week workshop that is designed to offer a clear, accessible new understanding of current environmental issues through the historical perspective of an often misunderstood thinker.

Will ecology dominate the 21st century?

Jan 13, 2010
Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
25 Caroline Street N
Waterloo , ON
43° 27' 53.4708" N, 80° 31' 32.304" W
Ontario CA
On Tuesday, January 12, three of Canada’s foremost “ecollectuals” will burn up the podium with a fast-paced discussion that will challenge your eco-ideas and test your eco-vocabulary.
Nov 23, 2009

Saving the West Coast salmon fishery

The problems facing our sockeye and other fisheries are not secret. Overfishing and habitat destruction are the key culprits. Fixing this will not be painless.
Jun 18, 2009

35:4 The New Ecology

Alternatives Podcast
Eco-footprint developer William Rees, Right Whale researcher Moira Brown, Jessica Wong and just what does the term "Ecology" mean anyway?

An Erotic Ecology

Nov 25, 2009
The Art of Loving
1819 West Fifth @ Burrard
Vancouver , BC
49° 18' 59.2164" N, 123° 4' 42.582" W
British Columbia CA
An Erotic Ecology
Oct 27, 2009

Ottawa protest targets tar sands

rabble staff
One hundred protesters 'die' in the lobby of RBC branch near Parliament Hill, killed by the harmful effects of the tar sands including water contamination, poor air quality, and climate change.


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