economic crisis

Sep 30, 2011

The G20 and jobs

Andrew Jackson
The meeting of G20 Labour Ministers in Paris on September 26-27, held in advance of the November G20 summit in Cannes, reached some conclusions which go some way toward living up to prior commitments.
Sep 29, 2011

Wage deflation confirmed

Andrew Jackson
In an earlier post, I noted that falling real wages, as indicated by July and August data from the Labour Force Survey, signalled trouble ahead.
Sep 29, 2011

It's time to stop giving money to the rich

Brian Topp
A spectre is haunting Europe -- and the United States. That spectre: the proposition that the time has come to stop borrowing billions of dollars every year in order to give it to rich people.
Sep 22, 2011

Profile of displaced workers

There's an interesting new research report from Statistics Canada profiling workers who were displaced in the recent recession and comparing the outcomes to previous recessions in earlier decades.
Sep 16, 2011

Falling real wages signal trouble ahead

Andrew Jackson
The Labour Force Survey for August showed that average hourly wages were up by just 1.4 per cent from a year earlier. It seems that we have entered a period of falling real wages.
Sep 9, 2011

The history of the post-9/11 world

Gerry Caplan
Ten years after the trauma of 9/11, the richest 1 per cent of Americans earn as much as the bottom 60 per cent and have as much wealth as the bottom 90 per cent. But you ain't seen nothing yet.
Aug 30, 2011

When the rich and powerful overplay their hand

James Laxer
We are in the grip of a socio-economic crisis in which the rich and the powerful in the world refuse to share the burden of coping with the economic disaster they did so much to unleash.


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