Apartment building. Image credit: Artem Zhukov/Unsplash
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono | The story of one housing co-op's experience with eviction during the pandemic highlights some significant problems in our system that pre-date the pandemic but are exacerbated by it.
Book Review
Yutaka Dirks | In "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" sociologist Matthew Desmond offers a critical examination of urban poverty and homelessness told through the stories of eight families.
John Bonnar | Early Wednesday morning, police moved in to clear the camp, allowing city workers to clean up St. James Park. Occupiers and supporters share their thoughts on the end of the 40-day occupation.
Rick Salutin | The Occupy movements have largely become dramas revolving around the excellent question posed by The Clash: Should I stay or should I go? But it's possible that this is the wrong question.