F-35 fighter jets

Sep 23, 2015
Photo: Patrick Cardinal/flickr

Military procurement under the Harper government

Stuart Trew
One area where the gap between rhetoric and reality has received less attention in Conservative government economic policy is its management of military equipment procurement.
Jul 23, 2012
Photo: University of Saskatchewan/Flickr

Harper's winning strategy encounters huge setbacks

Gerry Caplan
The Harperites have been smugly confident they can repeat 2011's majority against the even more vulnerable "socialists" of Thomas Mulcair. Or were so until last week's huge setbacks.
May 2, 2012
Photo: University of Saskatchewan/Flickr

The opacity of Tory transparency

Simon Enoch
"The time for accountability has arrived." These were the first words written by Stephen Harper in the Conservatives' 2006 election platform, "Stand Up for Canada."
Apr 17, 2012

The Harper regime in question

The Harper Conservatives may think they have a right to govern as they please, and they act as though the opposition parties have to accept what they decide: political reality suggests otherwise.
Apr 10, 2012

Trickle down fighter jets

There’s a striking photo of Ronald Reagan and members of his inner circle, cocktails in hand, practically doubled over with laughter. It’s easy to imagine a similar scene here.


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