Joe Brusky, Love Resist Divest by the Overpass Light Brigade
Maya Bhullar | New networks of organizers are building locally and globally to oppose the attacks on everything we believe in. Here are some Canada-focused tools to fight back against Trumpism.
Activist Toolkit
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Murray Dobbin | Prime Minster Justin Trudeau's election pledge that Canada will not have another election under first-past-the-post rules has morphed into a growing controversy.
Maya Bhullar | Read this partial list of campaigns launched during the election and get involved. Now.
Brent Patterson | Given our current electoral system produces an unfair reflection of the overall vote, many people feel their vote doesn't count and so don't vote. This is a major concern for the Council of Canadians.
Matthew Adams, Stephen Benedetti | With an historical contempt finding, the Canadian government isn't looking so great and the election could mean things only get worse. And worse it gets in the U.S. as the government faces shutdown.
Gary Shaul | Elizabeth May and Fair Vote Canada are granted intervenor status in the ongoing court challenge to winner take all electoral system in Quebec.