Activist Toolkit


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| Providing templates and tools for First Nations across Canada
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| Following the money and mapping the support
Artist: Bill Reid.  Image from wikimedia commons
| 7 free ways to make a difference and other tools
| Five lessons learned from community organizing.
Image by John Evans, 2013 Ottawa South candidate signs,
| Now that the election day is near, here are some more targeted tools to help inform people you talk to and bust some of the lies.
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| Tools to help debunk the warmongerers.
World Water Day, image by Albert Lozada, from Flickr
| The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario has developed a set of tools for young students.
Image from Flickr. Credit: Living Room Conversations Beyond Denial Photos by : Alex Garland, Damien Conway, Andy Clark, and John Duffy
| Tools to deepen our understanding of privilege and race.
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| In the wake of the recent Kinder Morgan decision, protests are ramping up. Here are some tools you can use to share and support a First Nations-led vision for the future.
| Books about Haiti and about the world
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| What to do with #MeToo? Work with a network that builds support on the ground
| Now that the kids are back in school, let's help them stay safe