Activist Toolkit


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| Equality Labs is teaching us how to protect ourselves digitally
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| A great tools for educators and speakers
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| Learn what to do to maintain confidentiality and security
| Ensure those who would violate human rights and hoard power do not have an easy time putting all Internet users at risk.
| A tool for anyone in debt to gain a better understanding of systems, and ways to break out of a life full of debt.
| We all have that moment during the holidays, and smiling politely is no longer an option.
| Open source and free software to communicate securely online
| Open source and free software to communicate securely online.
| For some of us, this is a guide to having integrity this holiday season.
| A list of traditional territories upon which our major cities were built.
| A progressive style guide to anti-oppressive language
| A toolkit to help global campaigners keep water public