Activist Toolkit


Man sleeping on Canadian sidewalk. Image: The Blackbird/Wikimedia
| Conducting research and collecting tools to help address homelessness.
Image: M. Kraus/Wikimedia
| An important distinction for activists
| Working for real structural changes.
| New initiative which is accepting donations and volunteers
Joan jones photo Facebook
| Nova Scotian civil rights activist
Image from War on Want, labeled for reuse
| Cross-Canada organization to combat racism and fight for migrant justice
| Read about the controversy and history of Canada's Black History Month.
Fairbnb logo, used with permission
| A Canadian movement to hold homesharing accountable
| First celebrated by all the U.S. states in 2000.
| Building capacity to welcome 1000 Syrian refugees to the Toronto area by 2018.
| Reaching out to different choirs
| Mapping the impact of youth digital media