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Missing Mars Lander
Oct 21 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | You don't need a calculator to know that if Postmedia keeps losing money at this quarter’s pace, it'll soon be burning through $400 million a year.
Drum dancer, Allyson Gear, stops a bus load of construction workers.
Oct 21 2016 | by Hans Rollman | Any hopes that the governing federal and provincial Liberals might have had that the Muskrat Falls struggle would remain a remote and isolated matter of regional politics are rapidly evaporating.
Image: Flickr/Jeremy Board
Oct 21 2016 | by Marie Aspiazu | As the public hearings on the unpopular Bill C-51 culminate in Halifax tonight, let's look back at how the consultations unfolded throughout the week, and where we go next
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Oct 21 2016 | by Thomas Woodley | What is Justin Trudeau's long-term plan for Syrian refugees?
Oct 21 2016 | by Cynthia Khoo | Learn more about the ongoing legal battles between Big Media giant Bell and VMedia, offering an innovative new online TV service. It's time for the law to catch up with the digital era.
CFS Chair Bilan Arte
Oct 21 2016 | by Bilan Arte | Post-secondary education must be strengthened and defended, like all public services, to grow our economy and invest in Canada's future.
Image: PMO/Adam ScottiImage: PMO/Adam Scotti
Oct 20 2016 | by Brent Patterson | One year ago on Wednesday, the Trudeau Liberals were swept to power when they won 184 seats in the House of Commons with the promise of "real change."
Photo: Paul Sableman/flickr
Oct 20 2016 | by Armine Yalnizyan | Boost the minimum wage and you boost the economy, from the bottom up. Here's why we should be raising the roof about the benefits of raising the wage floor.
Oct 20 2016 | by Karl Nerenberg | While the PM has not said he is ditching his electoral reform promise, he has taken a big step back from it. But is the voting system a matter about which the public is blissfully indifferent?
Image: Flickr/Ted Eytan
Oct 20 2016 | by Raluca Bejan | If claims for equality, diversity and 'that kind of thing' are ideological, so is the position of ignoring them.
I'm Voting For The Peel - door hanger
Oct 20 2016 | by Lewis Rifkind | The Yukon 2016 territorial election is well underway. Voting day is Nov. 7, but first there is an almost endless series of debates, forums and discussions.
Oct 20 2016 | by Marie Aspiazu | OpenMedia's Executive Director testified at yesterday's C-51 public hearings in Vancouver on behalf of 300,000+ Canadians who have spoken out against the unpopular Harper legislation.
Image: Facebook/Kellie Leitch
Oct 20 2016 | by Gerry Caplan | More than half of respondents in a recent poll said they would prefer "someone else" rather than the eight names it tested.
Oct 20 2016 | by Marie Aspiazu | The clock is ticking as the government's public consultations on the TPP close on October 31, so it’s never been more important that all Canadians stand together to knock down the worst trade deal
Image: Facebook/U of Toronto
Oct 20 2016 | by Julia-Simone Rutgers | A lack of commitment to prioritizing marginalized voices on campus means racialized students still struggle to find and build community at Canada's universities.
Oct 20 2016 | by J. Baglow | A year later, and the Conservative government's agenda has accelerated. But Justin remains as popular as ever -- and strangely ageless.
Rachel Notley
Oct 20 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | Forget about uniting the right for the moment. Maybe it's time to start talking about uniting the left again!
Oct 19 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | Would the perennial Canadian advocates of political term limits please shut up!
Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM/flickr
Oct 19 2016 | by Stephen Kimber | With this year's municipal elections history, the question becomes: what should our new-old council do first?
Image: Flickr/BCGovPhotos
Oct 19 2016 | by Elizabeth May | When Patrick McLaren presented his findings to the DFO, he thought they would be interested. Instead, they were hostile. His findings were inconvenient.
Emily Wolfrey's arrest at Muskrat Falls
Oct 19 2016 | by Hans Rollman | Let's be clear: Muskrat Falls, and the actions of Nalcor and the provincial government, constitute an act of racist violence against rural and largely Indigenous communities in Labrador.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Foerster
Oct 19 2016 | by David Suzuki | Globally, social justice organizations such as Oxfam note that human hunger is not and need never be inevitable. It's caused by poverty and inequality, not scarcity.
Oct 19 2016 | by Michael Butler | Today the Council of Canadians released a landmark report on universal pharmacare.
Oct 19 2016 | by Brent Patterson | Council of Canadians says the Muskrat Falls project violates the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Oct 19 2016 | by Doreen Nicoll | Bill C-237 would offer financial incentives to ensure gender parity during elections. Unfortunately, it will be voted down by the Liberal government.
Elections Alberta
Oct 18 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | It's fun, but entirely speculative, to wonder what impact the PC leadership race is having on the ability of the two Conservative parties to raise funds.
Image: PMO/Adam Scotti
Oct 18 2016 | by James Hutt | Unless Trudeau's rhetoric turns into reality, the Liberals will usher in an era of record-breaking temperatures and extreme weather events that will make even last summer look mild.
Image: Twitter
Oct 18 2016 | by Karl Nerenberg | The Trudeau Liberals voted for NDP MP Randall Garrison's Bill 16 that would ban discrimination on the basis of transgender status. Is that a sign of a willingess to co-operate across party lines?
Oct 18 2016 | by rabble staff | Tell us about yourself. Who are you anyway? Why do you come to rabble? We want to know. Take our 2016 rabble reader survey today.
Oct 18 2016 | by Doreen Nicoll | Ontario MPP Peggy Sattler's Bill 26 The Domestic and Sexual Violence Workplace Leave, Accommodation and Training Act to be voted on Thursday, October 20.