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Alison Redford
Nov 26 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | If the Notley government was told by its officials there were no skeletons in the legislature's closets, the CBC's report makes it hard to avoid the conclusion it was misled.
Photo: Prime Minister of Canada/flickr
Nov 26 2015 | by Brent Patterson | The review of laws, policies and practices for energy projects must be done in partnership and consultation with Indigenous peoples, to ensure that the Crown is meeting its consultation obligations.
Photo: BC Gov Photos/flickr
Nov 26 2015 | by Iglika Ivanova | This week, the provincial government released its update on where provincial finances are at six months into the fiscal year and where the economy is heading. The news is not very good.
Nov 26 2015 | by Krystalline Kraus | Let the grassroots show Justin Trudeau we want action to bring justice for Indigenous women.
Nov 26 2015 | by John Cartwright | The election is over, but we as Canadians will have to work together to challenge the lingering bigotry.
Nov 26 2015 | by Jen Halsall | From mass graves in Africa to a questionable stance on climate change, our bloggers investigate some of Canada's hidden and overlooked stories
Photo: Premier of Alberta/flickr
Nov 26 2015 | by Marc Lee | The Notley government deserves praise for putting meaningful climate policies on the table, and some slack for needing to make the package politically palatable.
Photo: flickr/ Premier ministre du Canada
Nov 26 2015 | by Cam Fenton | For the first time in a decade, Canada wants to be on the right side of history when it comes to climate change. But Canada needs more than a new look to its government, it needs real change.
Image: www.scmao.ca
Nov 26 2015 | by John Miller | Even Paul Godfrey acted surprised when he was installed in Canada's News Hall of Fame this week.
La Via Campesina demonstrate in Copenhagen
Nov 26 2015 | by John Dillon | As the Paris climate conference approaches, amplifying the voices of Indigenous peoples is the most important role KAIROS can play.
Nov 26 2015 | by Laura Tribe | The RCMP should not violate Canadians' privacy rights and apply for a warrant to access Canadians' personal information.
Nov 26 2015 | by Brad Hornick | While many are aware of a large climate demonstration gaining steam in Ottawa, planned this Sunday, a large crowd is also expected in Vancouver after considerable groundwork by local organizations.
Photo: Emily/flickr
Nov 25 2015 | by Nick Falvo | In 2008, Calgary became the first Canadian municipality to publicly commit to "ending homelessness." Read on for more points about ending homelessness in Canada.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Nov 25 2015 | by Brent Patterson | Is it possible that the COP 21 climate summit could be used as a moment to promote the tar sands and export pipelines?
Béguinage of Lierre / begijnhof van Lier, Flanders - Belgium
Nov 25 2015 | by Craig Gibson | A personal essay of a Canadian touring the battlegrounds of the Great War while Paris, and the world, recovers from terror.
Photo: Amber Case/flickr
Nov 25 2015 | by Brynne Sinclair-Waters |, | by Graeme Stewart | Ontario needs to invest in our universities to boost the number of professors and academic librarians, and to ensure that every academic job is a good job.
Radio listeners
Nov 25 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | We're going to talk this morning to a nutty blogger in Western Canada! What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 25 2015 | by Doreen Nicoll | Today is the official launch of the United Nation's Orange the World Campaign! People around the world are encouraged to orange their world in a show of support to end gendered violence.
Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay
Nov 25 2015 | by Wayne Roberts | Trudeau's public mandate letter to Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay is arguably one of the most tantalizing declarations about food policy anywhere in the world.
Nov 25 2015 | by Roger Annis | Extemists in Ukraine mounted a food transport blockade against Crimea on Sept 20 and now have bombed electricity lines. The Ukraine gov't gives quiet backing. Does Canada's new gov't notic or caring?
Photo: Kevin M Klerks/flickr
Nov 25 2015 | by Lynne Fernandez | Could the Manitoba government do more? Absolutely. Is there room for criticism? No doubt. But let's play fair.
Image: Twitter/@CathMcKenna
Nov 25 2015 | by Marc Lee | With the Paris climate conference only days away, a Canadian climate action strategy is now urgent and overdue.
Consultation in Guatemala
Nov 25 2015 | by Rachel Warden | Today women in Canada and the Global South are calling for an end to the daily violence against women everywhere, in all its forms.
Image: Flickr/Isuru Senevi
Nov 25 2015 | by Yves Engler | Canadian mining companies have engendered a great deal of violence across Africa. Is Justin Trudeau prepared to defy Canada’s powerful mining industry and adopt legislation to constrain their abuses
Image: ubc.ca
Nov 24 2015 | by Michael Stewart | Multiple women alleged a UBC PhD student is a serial abuser who committed a large range of sexual assaults including harassment, groping and rape. Nothing happened.
Photo: Julep67/flickr
Nov 24 2015 | by Stephen Kimber | There are still many unanswered questions about what Shandell McNamara calls "the most humiliating experience of my life."
Climate activists donning the masks of leaders point in the direction they want
Nov 24 2015 | by John Dillon | If negotiations at the Paris climate conference drag on past the December 11 deadline, it will likely be due to wrangling over financing for climate adaptation in developing countries.
Image: Flickr/pmwebphotos
Nov 24 2015 | by Nora Loreto | Now that the dust has settled from the election, labour activists must figure out how to resist the TPP.
Oxfam at Bangkok Intersessional - Women's March, 2009
Nov 24 2015 | by Danny Glenwright | When disaster strikes (and it increasingly does, thanks to climate change) women and children are 14 times more likely to die.
Nov 24 2015 | by Doreen Nicoll | Precarious employment has become standard practice in the not-for-profit sector and is not only adversely affecting the lives of workers.