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Jul 6 2015 | by Jesse Bauman | People living on a low income need more money, but cash transfers aren't a silver bullet.
Jul 6 2015 | by J. Baglow | Greece has chosen the wiser of two options: hope versus generations of debt servitude. Could this herald the death of the Euro? One can dream.
Kathleen Wynne announcing her trade mission to Israel at Israel lobby event.
Jul 6 2015 | by Joanne Naiman | Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced that she'll be leading a trade mission to Israel. This is a personal appeal to Premier Wynne to distance herself from an apartheid state.
Quebec Finance Minister Martin Coiteaux
Jul 6 2015 | by Bertrand Schepper | Finance Minister Martin Coiteux congratulated himself on cutting close to 500 public service jobs since January 1. Is this a good strategy for encouraging investment?
Greek Junta
Jul 5 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | If there is a 'No' vote today, it is far from certain that Brussels will not permit a right-wing military government in Greece.
Old Glory
Jul 4 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | Surely Independence Day 2015 is as good a moment as any to formally begin the process of returning Canadian values to the governance of Canada?
Photo: Flickr/Kwantlen Polytechnique University
Jul 4 2015 | by Lenée Son | Kwantlen Polytechnic University is moving forward in a partnership with Kinder Morgan to the dismay of students, faculty, Kwantlen First Nations, and community members.
Jul 4 2015 | by Raluca Bejan | This is how it works. There are 300 tonnes of gold here. They will sell to a bigger company and they will come and try again.
Rick Hanson
Jul 3 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | For four decades the PCs were the ne plus ultra of power in Alberta with all the required tools at their disposal to make inconvenient matters disappear.
Jul 3 2015 | by Lenée Son | Canada Day under Harper is a dud. A happy Canada is a Harper-free Canada. This week's blogs roundup.
Jul 3 2015 | by Scott Vrooman | The federal health minister's position on medical marijuana has no basis in evidence.
Photo: flickr/ bcndp
Jul 3 2015 | by Karl Nerenberg | Maclean's carried two stories on one day about Mulcair's talks with the Conservatives in 2007. A main-quoted source mostly confirms Mulcair's version.
The Salt Plains of Wood Buffalo National Park, Northwest Territories, Canada ©20
Jul 2 2015 | by George Lessard | Wood Buffalo National Park was listed as a World Heritage Site over 30 years ago for its globally unique and important ecosystems.
Jul 2 2015 | by Canadian Boat to Gaza | Robert Lovelace and Kevin Neish will return to Canada today after their Freedom Flotilla III boat was illegally seized by Israeli forces on Monday.
Two become one
Jul 2 2015 | by Laura Brightwell | Let's stop inviting friends to events via their partners, people.
Jul 2 2015 | by J. Baglow | The increasingly self-destructive actions of the Conservatives signify only one thing: the beast is slowly dying. It needs to be put out of its misery.
Image: Flickr/Neil Moralee
Jul 2 2015 | by Nora Loreto | Forget compliance. Canadians need to see Bill C-377 for what it really is.
Anne Wilson
Jul 2 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | The poll was done the day before the national holiday when the only people at home in Alberta may have been disgruntled Wildrosers with nowhere to go.
Jul 1 2015 | by Raluca Bejan | Democracy is finally coming. And we are lucky enough to witness it.
Jul 1 2015 | by Doreen Nicoll | Gender inequality remains the root cause of violence against women. What can we do to end violence against women?
Joe Ceci
Jul 1 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | As NDP Finance Minister Joe Ceci said of an Alberta government annual report yesterday, an extra $1 billion sure isn't going to hurt.
Jul 1 2015 | by David Christopher | How do you feel about your personal contact information being available on the Internet? Large media conglomerates could undermine the privacy of almost anyone who purchases a domain name.
Drummers during Blanket Exercise at Parliament Hill
Jul 1 2015 | by Jennifer Henry | On this day, when Canadians gather to celebrate our country, I will place my pride not in who we are, but in who we can become.
Jul 1 2015 | by Maya Bhullar | Civil liberties, teachers and public sector workers, the climate, and so much more is under attack...let's keep fighting back!
Image: Flickr/ItzaFineDay
Jun 30 2015 | by Michael Laxer | Despite the partisan assertions of some, when it comes to economic policy the Greens are very clearly a "progressive" party.
Photo: SFriedbergPhoto/flickr
Jun 30 2015 | by Stephen Kimber | It's not enough to identify Nova Scotia's student retention problem. The focus should be on solving it -- figuring out how to lure more university students to enroll and/or stay in the province.
Image: Flickr/Katie Tegtmeyer
Jun 30 2015 | by Michael Stewart | The unstated assumption in the long history of grammatical policing is that women are always in the wrong and the status quo is right. Women, the monolithic group, should write like men.
Jun 30 2015 | by Krystalline Kraus | March on July 5 comes on eve of the Pan American Climate and Economic Summits
Green Party leader Elizabeth May and former NDP leader Alexa McDonough
Jun 30 2015 | by Christopher Majka | So long as Canada is burdened with the first-past-the-post electoral system, what Canadians want and what they get remain disconnected. Unlike Mick Jagger, we can't even get what we need.
Jun 30 2015 | by David Suzuki | Eliminating fossil fuel energy will cut dangerous pollution, create new economic opportunities and ensure resources are available for wiser applications.