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Sep 16 2014 | by Stephen Kimber | We need more people taking public transit. But to accomplish that, we clearly need something more than more of the same from Metro... er, Halifax Transit.
Sep 16 2014 | by Alex Mierke-Zatwarnicki | The attitude among UBC student politicians that we have "enough" feminism, that we've reached our "feminism quota", so to speak, is regressive and deeply offensive.
Stephen Mandel
Sep 16 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Sorry, but if you want real change in Alberta, you're going to have to vote to change the government.
Sep 15 2014 | by Scott Harris | With China's ratification of the Canada-China FIPA long since signed, sealed, and delivered, Canada's ratification of the deal means it will enter into force on October 1.
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Sep 15 2014 | by Louis-Philippe Rochon |, | by Mario Seccareccia | After learning that the Canada Revenue Agency is auditing the CCPA on the grounds that it allegedly engages in politically partisan activity, a number of professors have drawn up an open letter.
James Foley, journalist
Sep 15 2014 | by Geoffrey Stevens | National leaders face horrendous decisions in dealing with crises from ISIS to ebola to Russia's encroachment on Ukraine,
Sep 15 2014 | by Gerry Caplan | A leaked Conservative Party fundraising email charges that the Liberal Party and the mainstream media are in lockstep. Nope, it's actually moderate Conservatives Harper is ticking off now.
Sep 15 2014 | by Jesse McLaren | Harper wants to bury the memory of Iraq and war resisters, ignore the needs of refugees and find an outlet for tar sands and military spending. But there are alternatives.
Sep 15 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | Possessiveness, obsession, and "hellish" behaviour isn't romantic -- it's a red flag.
Dave Hancock
Sep 15 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Premier Dave Hancock's principal job was to put out political fires. Albertans need to remember he was also part of the team that lit them.
Sep 15 2014 | by Jennifer Story | It's accepted wisdom that an undergraduate degree is the new high school diploma -- it's the ticket into the workforce. But that ticket comes at an unrelentingly steep price.
Sep 15 2014 | by Hans Rollman | A widely publicized Canadian Press experience reveals the serious erosion of our government's democratic accountability. Or really, what government accountability?!
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Sep 15 2014 | by Scott Vrooman | An attempt to moisten the dry topic of investor-state dispute settlement.
Sep 15 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | The shirt was originally priced at $129.00 USD.
Sep 14 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | The House is in session and politicians will have to deal with actual legislation. Some say such 'substance' doesn't matter; winning votes is all about image. The NDP will try to prove them wrong.
Sep 14 2014 | by J. Baglow | A case for the Yes vote.
Sep 13 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | The gala was full on pomp, circumstance and achievement last night at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards, but there as some First Nations activists who feel different about this type of government
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Sep 12 2014 | by Scott Harris | The European Commission -- the executive arm of the EU tasked with negotiating trade agreements, including the Canada-EU CETA and the US-EU TTIP -- rejected a European-wide citizens' initiative.
Sep 12 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide in the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. This means he was found guilty of negligence rather than intent.
Sep 12 2014 | by Nora Loreto | Making links between online sexual assault and political suppression through surveillance.
Sep 12 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | Of the over 200 journalists in the Ottawa Parliamentary Press Gallery rabble's Karl Nerenberg was the only one to cover Wednesday's major event on the Hill about Canadian mining in the Pacific.
Sep 12 2014 | by David Macdonald | Yesterday the federal government announced a "Small Business Job Credit." The idea is that small businesses will have a portion of what they paid in EI refunded to them, as a "job-creation strategy."
Sep 12 2014 | by Eva Bartlett | Glaringly absent from corporate media accounts of the proxy-war being waged on Syria is the fact that ISIS, as well as other Western-backed organizations have been terrorizing Syrians for years.
Sep 12 2014 | by Andrea Harden-Donahue | Much of the anti-fracking activism has focused on stopping it at its source -- but what if we tried to stop it at its destination too?
Sep 12 2014 | by Steffanie Pinch | The Peoples' Social Forum in Ottawa had a lot of great things going for it. But some were struck by the overwhelming whiteness of the forum.
Licia Ronzulli voting with her 1 month old daughter on September 22, 2010. by Eu
Sep 12 2014 | by Kate McInturff | A number of cities across Canada are gearing up for municipal elections. It seemed like a good time to ask: why don't more women run for office? Here's why.
Stephen Hornblower, er, Harper
Sep 11 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | It is ironic that the same government that poured dollars into Prime Minister Stephen Harper's pet science project actively pursues a policy of science denial and science suppression.
Sep 11 2014 | by Lizanne Foster | Does the word 'privatization' strike fear in your heart? That's why the B.C. Liberals are calling it 'School Choice'.
Sep 11 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | Currie had been reported missing from the Toronto area, last seen on Friday August 14, 2014, getting on her bicycle at Queen Street West and Bathurst Avenue.
Davy Jones Locker
Sep 11 2014 | by Christopher Majka | The Franklin Expedition discovery reveals the Harper government is rapidly sinking. In future centuries there will, however, be no attempt to raise the political remains of the S.S. Stephen Harper.