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Oct 2 2014 | by Kaylie Tiessen | Here in Ontario, we have glimpsed the future, and it looks a lot like Austerity 2.0. That's what Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's mandate letters set out for her cabinet last week.
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Oct 2 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Once again, it could be argued, the inability of Liberals and New Democrats to agree on anything except 90 per cent of their platforms will help a Conservative into power.
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Oct 1 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Don't expect commentator Ezra Levant to act any differently, or Sun Media to do anything more about it except issue meaningless apologies, in future.
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Oct 1 2014 | by Nora Loreto | Examining the creeping profiteering in Canadian elections
Oct 1 2014 | by Eva Prkachin | Canadians spoke out in huge numbers against Bill C-13. Then the Supreme Court ruled parts of the Bill unconstitutional. But don't expect a little thing like that to stop MacKay and his government.
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Oct 1 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | In July the Federal Court overturned the Harper government's decision to cut health care for refugees. The Conservatives said they would appeal then did nothing. They moved quietly at the last minute.
Oct 1 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | The Conservatives voted down an NDP motion that would have given the Speaker the authority to compel government MPs to stick to the subject in QP. NDP loss -- what about the impact on public opinion?
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Sep 30 2014 | by Stephen Kimber | Despite Premier Stephen McNeil's assurance he is "not at all going to war with organized labour," his government's actions tell another story.
Sep 30 2014 | by Roger Annis | Opposition to natural gas fracking and forest despoilation as well as womens' rights issues played key role in ousting Conservative NB government.
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Sep 30 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | NDP MP Paul Dewar's private member's bill would have forced Canadian companies to exercise 'due diligence' when dealing with 'conflict minerals' that end up in our cell phones and on store shelves.
Sep 30 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | The goal of the tight campaign window is obviously to help Premier Jim Prentice's campaign by keeping the opposition parties off balance as long as possible.
Sep 30 2014 | by Adam Ballah | What does Justin Trudeau think of the Energy East pipeline... especially when anti-tar sands protestors show up and ask him?
Sep 30 2014 | by Roger Annis | German television is mocking the 'propaganda war' accompanying the Kyiv/NATO war in eastern Ukraine. CBC newscasters will cringe when watching.
Sep 30 2014 | by David Suzuki | In standing up for the Peace Valley and saying no to the Site C Dam, Treaty 8 First Nations are acting not only on their own behalf, but also for other Canadians, including local farming communities.
Sep 29 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | If he fails to announce both a date and a riding today, unelected Alberta Premier Jim Prentice's credibility will suffer mightily -- but not as mightily as if he loses the by-election!
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Sep 29 2014 | by Molly McCracken | The programs funded through the CEO Sleep Out are worthwhile but only skim the surface of the issue. To address homelessness and poverty in a meaningful way requires systemic change.
Sep 29 2014 | by Geoffrey Stevens | Former PM says Stephen Harper should shape up, stop picking fights with the Supreme Court, mend foreign policy, and heal the environment.
Sep 29 2014 | by Mel Watkins | The most prolific sniper of the First World War was Francis "Peggy" Pegahmagabow, an Ojibwa from the Wasauksing First Nation. His name is often forgotten in histories of the period.
Sep 29 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | Fast on the First at the ClimateFastival! Enjoy music and fun interspersed by great speakers bringing strategy and hope.
Sep 29 2014 | by Lyn Adamson | I am writing you to let you know about amazing actions taking place over the next couple of weeks that can really contribute to making a difference to our future.
Sep 29 2014 | by Stop the JNF Toronto | A small group of protesters challenged the lies and propaganda of the Jewish National Fund and were met with physical assaults and threatened with detainment by Toronto police.
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Sep 29 2014 | by Cheryl Stadnichuk | Canada has become the most stable P3 market in the world, several speakers stressed at a recent P3 conference in the U.S., and Saskatchewan is finally playing with the big league.
Sep 29 2014 | by Gerry Caplan | In the age of Ebola, it's only too easy to forget other ongoing health crises like HIV and AIDS. But countries with large AIDS populations don't forget. And neither does Big Pharma.
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Sep 29 2014 | by Susan Wright | Premier Prentice announced that he was proceeding with two flood mitigation projects. He'll divert the Highwood River to protect High River and create a dry reservoir in the Springbank area.
Sep 29 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | The plan is to convert a pipeline that used to carry natural gas to one that will transport 1.1 million of crude oil per day from Saskatchewan to eventually the East Coast.
Sep 29 2014 | by Michael Butler | It is no exaggeration to say that the future of our public health care and a system that values all patients equally is at stake.
Sep 28 2014 | by Holly Adams | Argh! It's that time of year when rigidity in education and playtime is trotted out as a Great Idea, and holly goes nuts over it.
Sep 27 2014 | by J. Baglow | My mom had it right.
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Sep 27 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith took care yesterday not to raise the party faithful's hopes so much a not entirely unexpected loss in Whitemud would set them on their heels.
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Sep 26 2014 | by Angella MacEwen | There are a number of reasons to be concerned about the Canadian-European Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). The first one is that it isn't just a trade deal.