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Jul 28 2016 | by Ed Finn | This is an epilogue to Ed Finn's three-part series examining the ideology of neoliberalism and the enormous harm its implementation imposes on people and the planet.
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Jul 28 2016 | by Nick Falvo | On May 4, 2016, approximately 40 people attended the First Annual Canadian Homelessness Data Sharing Initiative. Here are 10 things to know about the event.
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Jul 28 2016 | by Penney Kome | The RNC put on one long blast of fearmongering, fingerpointing fiery rage while the DNC brought the crowd to its feet again and again on themes like fairness and sharing.
Brad Wall
Jul 28 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | There is only one approach to building more Canadian pipelines that has any chance of working, and that’s the effort to win social license being made by Rachel Notley's NDP.
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Jul 28 2016 | by Gerry Caplan | The enormity of their crimes is irrelevant. Just as Wall Street is too big to fail, so they are too big to arrest. For both, impunity is their ultimate entitlement.
Women deserve better spray painted on a brick wall.
Jul 28 2016 | by Doreen Nicoll | Ongoing funding is essential for 1inFour to continue expanding its website and community partnerships to ensure women become empowered to make the best choices for themselves and their children.
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Jul 28 2016 | by Yves Engler | The Green Party should support the principles underlying a half-century-old Supreme Court of Canada decision outlawing discriminatory land-use policies.
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Jul 27 2016 | by Emily Eaton | Since 1990, there have been over 18,000 oil spills in Saskatchewan and over 8,000 in just the last 10 years.
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Jul 27 2016 | by Stephen Kimber | Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan doesn't want you to jump to conclusions. Unfortunately for him, Portland, Maine requires the Yarmouth-Portland ferry operator to submit a monthly accounting.
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Jul 27 2016 | by Krystalline Kraus | Heat waves do the most harm to our most vulnerable members of society; often the very members whose quality of care we should concern ourselves with most.
Jul 27 2016 | by Jessica Hawkins | Jessica Hawkins takes a closer look at the ruling of Justice Hinkson in the Super InTent case in Victoria.
Sarah Hoffman
Jul 26 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | Now that the market for electricity has turned down, corporations are trying to use the secret golden parachute Ralph Klein gave them to bail out of unprofitable deals.
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Jul 26 2016 | by Jesse McLaren | We can support pipelines, which spill oil and job losses while restricting water and treaty rights, or we can support communities protecting the water on which we depend.
Jul 26 2016 | by Rachel Small | The Peterborough Council of Canadians supported a public letter sent this weekend to MP Maryam Monsef by End Immigration Detention Peterborough in solidarity with detainees on hunger strikes.
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Jul 26 2016 | by Bonnie Burstow | Toronto Transit is in dire need of an overhaul and indeed constitutes a danger, with different levels of government having contributed to the problem. Action and more equitable choices are in order.
Jul 26 2016 | by Wayne Roberts | The latest stats on the death toll from Canada's weak laws on drinking and driving have led to renewed demands that policing be boosted. How about we look to changing the booze culture instead?
Corn field
Jul 26 2016 | by David Suzuki | Research into new types of biofuels is also important, but the massive amounts of land, biomass and water required to produce conventional biofuels mean they aren't a panacea.
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Jul 25 2016 | by Judy Rebick | Ursula Franklin's brilliance, courage and kindness were in equal measure. She helped to shape feminism in Canada ensuring that it was also a movement for peace and justice.
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Jul 25 2016 | by Vince Wong | Two weeks ago, Regent Park bore witness to possibly the most candid public discussion on racism with high-level decision-makers in Ontario's history. But it can't stop there.
Jul 24 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | Ali David Sonboly was a German national obsessed with Nazi ideology and U.S.-style shootings, not necessarily a terrorist.
Brad Wall
Jul 22 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | Saskatchewan doesn't like Alberta's new beer policy because it will end what amounts to a subsidy of Saskatchewan brewers, one in particular, by Alberta taxpayers.
Melania Trump
Jul 22 2016 | by Raluca Bejan | Cold War reminiscences are always about denigrating the former Soviet Bloc. Yet, despite the many faults of that system, education was not one of them.
Jul 22 2016 | by Kim Elliott | This year marks rabble's 15th anniversary and you are a big part of why we are here. We want you to celebrate this special milestone with us.
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Jul 21 2016 | by David Macdonald | It's 2016 and Canada is a long way from ending poverty, but three promising developments are about to lift almost half a million people above the poverty line.
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Jul 21 2016 | by Molly McCracken | Unless immediate action is taken, 2016 will be the first time in a generation that minimum wage workers will see their wages stagnate, resulting in fewer earnings for basics like food and shelter.
Marlin Schmidt
Jul 21 2016 | by David J. Climenhaga | The budget that will be presented to the AU Faculties Council in Athabasca this morning has the tone of a document drafted under protest.
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Jul 21 2016 | by Brent Patterson | The PM's popularity may be based on the perception that his government is truly progressive and implementing a different agenda than Harper. The evidence is suggesting that's not totally true.
Jul 21 2016 | by Duncan Pike | On the anniversary of filing a Charter challenge to Bill C-51, CJFE is encouraging Canadians to make their voices heard on this issue through a new parliamentary e-petition.
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Jul 20 2016 | by Stephen Kimber | It's hard not to suspect there is more at play in Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan's insistence there's been no decision on whether to charge how much in tolls and/or how to finance it all.
Jul 20 2016 | by Sruthi Tadepalli | UBC's Alma Mater Society was found guilty of unfair labour practices after evidence a manager tried to convince a member to vote no to unionization. The AMS says it's normal communication.