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Brian Mason
Dec 21 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Alberta Diary’s prediction: Premier Jim Prentice will call the general election in late January 2015. Albertans will go to the polls in February. Low oil prices will provide the cover.
Dec 19 2014 | by Scott Vrooman | The new mayor of Victoria was right to refuse to swear an oath to the Queen.
Dec 19 2014 | by Jessica Prupas | We need a more nuanced approach when talking about anxiety in an academic context.
Danielle Smith
Dec 19 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | The closed-door deal has to include cabinet posts for key Wildrosers or, to be blunt about it, they simply wouldn't have come across.
Dec 19 2014 | by Amy Wood | The government boasts that CETA will benefit all Canadians. Generous projections aside, does the government even know how the agreement will affect Canadian men and women? The answer is "no."
Dec 19 2014 | by Molly McCracken | The State of the Inner City Report is an annual research collaboration between the CCPA Manitoba and community organizations based in the inner city of Winnipeg. This year marks its 10th anniversary.
Photo by Climate Justice Montreal
Dec 19 2014 | by Emma Lui | Communities are celebrating three victories against fracking this week. Quebec, New York and New Brunswick all rejected fracking after years of opposition from communities.
Dec 19 2014 | by Roger Annis | Historic announcement in Washington and Havana on December 17 of shift in hostile U.S. policy towards Cuba.
Image: Flickr/aye_shamus
Dec 19 2014 | by Anne Theriault | Dudebros have evolved and mutated in such complex ways that our current vocabulary is no longer bro-sufficient. Anne Thériault comes to our rescue.
Image: rabble.ca
Dec 19 2014 | by rabble staff | rabble.ca is funded by your donations. Please help us continue our tradition of creating a space for news for the rest of us by donating this holiday.
Dec 19 2014 | by Michael Laxer | Many police officers and departments across the country act as if they are above the law and answer to no one. When is anyone with any political power or authority going to do something about it?
Dec 19 2014 | by Jessica Prupas | The highlights from the blog section this week.
Dec 19 2014 | by Brent Patterson | The Enbridge Line 4 pipeline, a 796,000 barrels per day pipeline from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin, has spilled 1,350 barrels of oil at a pumping station in Regina.
Dec 19 2014 | by Roger Annis | The decision of Crimea in March of this year to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation is a key pretext for in eastern Ukraine. What lies behind Crimea's decision?
Dec 19 2014 | by Kaity Cooper | Last week, I started a series about the different ways sexism is impacting girls and women today and how feminism can be utilized to help them. This post is about cyber-misogyny.
Danielle Smith & Jim Prentice
Dec 18 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith has left a trail of devastation in her wake that suggests a lack of empathy for co-workers, rivals and now her own supporters.
José Tendetza
Dec 18 2014 | by Jennifer Moore | José Tendetza did not have to die. The Canadian government was aware of the tensions that implicate a Vancouver-based mining corporation -- and could have acted.
Dec 18 2014 | by Brent Patterson | Between 1994 and 2012, 80 complaints have been filed with the Commission on Environmental Co-operation. Eighty-five per cent of those submissions have been dismissed or terminated.
Dec 18 2014 | by Jesse McLaren | By reviving the life of Alan Turing -- a cryptographer persecuted for being gay -- 'The Imitation Game' breaks the code about the Second World War.
Crypto Santa logo
Dec 18 2014 | by Bob Chandler | Here's a fun way to learn about how Internet anonymity tools like the Tor Project work!
Photo: GGAADD/flickr
Dec 18 2014 | by Scott Harris | A new leak of U.S. proposals to the ongoing Trade In Services Agreement reveals that U.S. negotiators are seeking sweeping obligations that would lift restrictions on data storage and other rules.
Photo: Eugenio/flickr
Dec 18 2014 | by Andrea Harden-Donahue | The European Parliament has narrowly voted to allow a weakened Fuel Quality Directive -- a modest climate measure to reduce emissions from transport fuel by six per cent by 2020 -- to proceed.
Dec 18 2014 | by Lauren Scott | Gerbil Meets Mouse is a Canadian children's book publishing company that publishes books specifically about gerbils, that aim to bring certain social issues to light in a fun and relatable way.
Photo: flickr/The Canadian Senate
Dec 17 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | The Senate has passed Bill C-525. It will make it harder to hold a union certification vote. Bill C-377 is still before the Senate. It forces excessive and discriminatory reporting burdens on unions.
Dec 17 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | Camille Cosby essentially says her husband, Bill Cosby, is the real victim. As wrong as that is, I can't help but feel sorry for her a little bit.
Danielle Smith
Dec 17 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | I'd sure as hell rather have an Alberta NDP-style "moral victory" than suffer a collapse of principles and moral fibre the way the Wildrose Party just has!
Dec 17 2014 | by Leila Darwish | The Site C hydroelectric dam is not clean, not green, not economical, and not in the public interest. This project must be opposed if we are to protect water and land, and respect Indigenous rights.
Photo: Tiffany Bailey/flickr
Dec 17 2014 | by David Pringle | Complex realities necessitate complex policies at a time when we are confronted with the confounding challenges like climate change and growing income inequality. Is conventional economics enough?
Dec 17 2014 | by Eva Prkachin | Leaked emails reveal that Sony, the MPAA, and other large studios are concocting a plan to censor the Internet.
Danielle Smith & Jim Prentice
Dec 17 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | It was conceded openly by the principal characters in today's "unification" drama that this scheme has been in the works at least for several weeks, possibly longer.