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Sep 23 2014 | by Stephen Kimber | Ottawa is spending $13.4 million so its tax auditors can descend, locust-like, on charitable groups not in lockstep with the Harper government's worldview.
Sep 23 2014 | by Tracey Mitchell | One of the greatest strengths of the People's Climate March was having so many people working on so many aspects of the climate crisis, but putting their own twist on it.
Sep 23 2014 | by Chris Malmo | Big Telecom have unleashed swarms of lobbyists in Washington, D.C. after the expiry of a key FCC comment deadline on Net Neutrality. With almost total public support for strong Net Neutrality protecti
Sep 23 2014 | by David Suzuki | History shows that informed individuals who come together to build a groundswell of opinion and pressure are a powerful force for positive change. That’s what the Blue Dot Tour is all about.
Jim Prentice
Sep 23 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Band-Aid Schools announced for Calgary by Alberta Premier Jim Prentice yesterday can be bolted together quickly -- say, in time to be on display for the next general election.
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Sep 23 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | A Conservative private member's bill, C-585, would deny social assistance to a great many in the refugee process. It is a new piece of a needlessly cruel and nasty Harper government refugee policy.
Sep 23 2014 | by Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians joined with more than 400,000 people participating in the People's Climate March. It sent a clear message about the need for action on the eve of a major climate summit.
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Sep 23 2014 | by Janet Newbury | We have the capacity to strengthen our economy in ways that are equitable and sustainable. To do so, we must recognize the public sector as an asset to achieving social and economic well-being in B.C.
Sep 23 2014 | by Eva Prkachin | We released a video about abuses at CSEC, and it’s already having a huge influence on decision-makers. We need your help to spread the word even further.
Sep 23 2014 | by Gary Engler | The new system we imagine must get rid of the perverse incentives that result in war, the devastation of our environment and inequality.
Photo: Tracey Mitchell
Sep 22 2014 | by Tracey Mitchell | After 25 years of inaction by government and industry, it is hard for people to continue to act, to continue to believe that climate justice is possible. This weekend, that may have changed.
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Sep 22 2014 | by Keith Reynolds | From public transit to sewage treatment, many local issues are connected to the growing crisis confronting towns and cities in Canada facing growing costs and limited revenues.
Sep 22 2014 | by Geoffrey Stevens | PM tries to set economy as the "ballot question" but voters tell pollsters they are just bored with him. Justin Trudeau looks more exciting.
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Sep 22 2014 | by Gerry Caplan | This week WHO said it needs $1 billion for its Ebola work. The Harper government just announced Canada's latest contribution to this massive emergency: $2.5 million in personal protective equipment.
Sep 22 2014 | by Jesse McLaren | Hundreds of thousands marched ahead of the UN Climate Summit, which takes place this week in New York City, demanding climate justice.
Sep 22 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | Indigenous rights activists seem especially targeted by the police.
Sep 22 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | Sisters In Spirit Week 2014 -- Five days of events prior to Sisters in Spirit Vigil
Jim Prentice
Sep 22 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | In a spectacular act of political plagiarism, Alberta Premier Jim Prentice seems to be walking away with the entire Wildrose policy book and there is little the opposition can do but gasp.
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Sep 22 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | The Harper regime has been openly hostile to the environment, to those who research it and to those who advocate for it. Trudeau's Liberals are gun-shy, while NDPers and Greens are more serious.
Sep 22 2014 | by Toby Sanger | Is it true: have tax cuts actually led to higher revenues? Contrary to the Prime Minister's thoughts on the matter, federal corporate tax cuts have led to a significant fall in corporate tax revenues.
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Sep 22 2014 | by Susan Wright | Jim Prentice needs a lot of help to transition from the disgraced Redford administration to a successful regime of his own. It looks like he's turned, literally, to the corporate self-help books.
Sep 22 2014 | by rabble staff | Today we're supporting Open Media's new viral video to expose just how CSEC could be monitoring Canadians everywhere.
Sep 22 2014 | by Roger Annis | Remember the crash of Malyasia Airlines Flight 17 two-plus months ago? Don't be surprised if a final investigation report is as vague and evasive as the initial report two weeks ago.
Sep 22 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | An except from Laurie Penny's new book, "Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution," is not only confusing in its arguments, but vaguely attacks feminists in an ageist and sexist way.
Sep 21 2014 | by John Bonnar | In Toronto, the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada and the Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics held a rally Saturday outside Ryerson University.
Rob Anders
Sep 21 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Now that he has been handed his great big hat a second time, one would expect Rob Anders just to take his generous Parliamentary pension and go quietly away. Don't count on it.
Sep 20 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | The Call Out from Environmental Defence by Adam Scott.
Sep 20 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | Join in from Toronto on the green action wave to hit New York on Sunday
Sep 19 2014 | by Roger Annis | The political left's guard is down as Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko is welcomed in Ottawa and Washington and funds are promised for arms, militias and an austerity-ravaged economy.
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Sep 19 2014 | by Michael Stewart | Many on the left saw the Scottish independence referendum as a rejection of neoliberalism -- yet another vote that came close, but not close enough, to a decisive win. How do we get over that hurdle?