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Nov 27 2014 | by Jesse McLaren | Jermaine Carby was also unarmed, also shot to death, and also criminalized after the fact as justification
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Nov 27 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | For more than a decade Liberal and Conservative governments have had systems in place to prevent asylum seekers from ever getting to Canada. Over a decade, they managed to stop more than 70,000.
Nov 27 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | A vigil for murdered and missing Indigenous women, girls and men and a Solidarity action to support Mount Burnaby demonstrators.
Nov 27 2014 | by Aleah Loney |, | by Alex Cool-Fergus |, | by Brenna Owen |, | by Bronwen Tucker |, | by Katie Perfitt |, | by Kelsey Mech |, | by Megan Van Buskirk | This open letter by the CYD has been signed by over 60 environmental non-profits, labour groups and youth organizations, calling on the Government of Canada to take action on climate change.
Jim Prentice
Nov 27 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | The plain fact is, as hard as this may be for Alberta's progressive voters to digest, if they want progressive policies, they're going to have to vote for progressive parties.
Rachel Notley
Nov 26 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Rachel Notley's task is to get enough Albertans who are fed up with the PCs' sins and not yet ready for an increasingly extreme Wildrose Party to rally round the NDP.
Nov 26 2014 | by Brent Patterson | Integrity Framework regulations state that companies convicted in Canada or internationally would be disqualified from bidding on Public Works contracts. Could these rules open the door to lawsuits?
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Nov 26 2014 | by Pamela Palmater | Bill C-27, the so-called First Nation Financial Transparency Act is a racist piece of legislation, a classic deflection tactic that relies on the myth of the corrupt band leader to divide us.
Nov 26 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | There is no such thing as "consensual sexual assault" so what is the purpose of referring to Ghomeshi's abuse as "non-consensual?"
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Nov 26 2014 | by Samantha Nock | Rethinking what it means to stand in solidarity during Indigenous political activist movements.
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Nov 26 2014 | by Marc Lee | Because lower-income groups spend a greater share of their income on energy, any carbon tax is regressive. But that regressivity depends on what you do with the revenues, and can be compensated.
Nov 26 2014 | by John Bonnar | Five OCAP members occupied a city building, demanding action on shelter occupancy and that the City fulfill its stated promise to open a 24-hour women and trans people's drop-in.
Nov 26 2014 | by Roger Annis | Land defenders, aboriginal peoples and trade union and climate activists unite to stop tar sands pipeline.
Kerry Towle
Nov 25 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Perhaps a day will come when former Wildrose MLAs Kerry Towle and Ian Donovan regret crossing the floor yesterday. That said, it will take a certain ingenuity for them to re-rat.
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Nov 25 2014 | by Stephen Kimber | Will "rewarding risk-takers, dreamers, doers and builders" really boost entrepreneurship and investment, or just fund more winter golfing vacations?
Nov 25 2014 | by Iglika Ivanova | One in five B.C. children lives in poverty. This is the sobering finding of the 2014 BC Child Poverty Report Card released on November 24.
Nov 25 2014 | by Kaity Cooper | Why women's voices matter in politics, business and media and who is responsible for making them heard. Reflections on a talk by Kim Campbell, Canada's first and only woman Prime Minister.
Popping Canada's Carbon Bubble
Nov 25 2014 | by Keith Brooks | On November 27, 6 p.m., Environmental Defence and the Pembina Institute are hosting a free public talk about Canada's carbon bubble. Come join us.
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Nov 25 2014 | by Karl Nerenberg | The Auditor General included the Northern Nutrition program in his fall 2014 report. He found major problems in the program the Conservatives set up three years ago.
Nov 25 2014 | by John Baglow | What just went down in Ferguson is far worse in its way than Jim Crow. Back then, the lines were clearly drawn for all to see. Now everything is blurry.
Nov 25 2014 | by Meghan Murphy | The Republic of Ireland joins a growing number of countries opting to criminalize the purchase of sex.
Wynne and Couillard announce their conditions on the Energy East pipeline. Photo
Nov 25 2014 | by Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians is pleased that Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has agreed with the Quebec government on stringent conditions for the proposed Energy East pipeline project.
Nov 25 2014 | by Christine Saulnier | Will our governments heed the evidence of the last 25 years, re-commit themselves to ending child poverty, and most important of all, take concrete action to keep the promise this time?
Nov 25 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | On November 19, 2014, the Senate blocked the bill that would have seen the pipeline continue, just shy of one vote to pass at 59-41.
Chantal Bilulu, Coordinator of the Women and Children’s Program for Héritiers de
Nov 25 2014 | by Chantal Bilulu | For Héritiers de la Justice, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is a great opportunity to empower Congolese women to speak out about sexual violence and to awaken their fellow sisters.
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Nov 25 2014 | by Anne Theriault | White people have been taught for their entire lives to believe in the system. But every time something like Ferguson happens, white folks see glimpses of how completely fucked the system is.
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Nov 25 2014 | by David Suzuki | Shoal Lake 40 First Nation sits on Winnipeg's main drinking water supply, but the community has been on a boil-water advisory for decades. This is a national shame and must be resolved immediately.
United Nations Headquarters, New York
Nov 24 2014 | by David J. Climenhaga | Canadians deserve to know: Is the government of Canada against the glorification of Nazism, or not?
Nov 24 2014 | by Roger Annis | By a 'conservative estimate', 4000 people have died in the war in eastern Ukraine, including 1,000 since a Sept. 'ceasefire'. But who is responsible and why?
Nov 24 2014 | by Krystalline Kraus | But then a warmth builds up inside you, that transcends the very essence of who we are supposed to be.