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Mar 3 2015 | by Meghan Murphy | Vice is launching a "female-centric channel" called Broadly.
Tim Grant
Mar 3 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | Alberta will keep all the old Klein-Stelmach-Redford-Hancock policies that cause the ongoing revenue problem. Premier Jim Prentice will fix it by beating up on modestly paid public employees.
Mar 2 2015 | by Michael Laxer | In the real world, calling for the repeal of legislation and calling for amendments to legislation are not, in fact, the same thing and it is completely ludicrous and bizarre to claim otherwise.
Photo: Lending Memo/flickr
Mar 2 2015 | by Paul Moist | Manitoba has seen the importance of our various pension plans to a middle-class life, the prospects of which are increasingly under attack in Canada.
Image: Library of Congress, Mary Post Wolcott
Mar 2 2015 | by Jesse Bauman | By making food literacy--or lack thereof--the basic issue or explanation for food insecurity, we risk losing sight of larger structural issues while leaning towards a dangerous kind of victim-blaming.
Mar 2 2015 | by Miles Krautner | Ontario's Liberal government incidentally reveals how they really feel about post-secondary education in new advertisement.
Danielle Smith
Mar 2 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | On March 28, former Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith will face off against Okotoks town Councillor Carrie Fischer, who sounds familiar but only for coincidental reasons.
Photo: BookBotherer/flickr
Mar 2 2015 | by Tobey Steeves | The Teach For Canada program can aptly be read as an attempt to translate educational and social inequalities (public needs) into targets of a "benevolent, yet colonizing, pedagogy of care."
Image: anticapitalistes.net
Mar 2 2015 | by Gerry Caplan | With the IMF's treatment of Greece after Syriza's triumph, you can almost hear Henry Kissinger whispering "The issues are much too important for the Greek voters to decide for themselves."
Mar 1 2015 | by Susan Wright | Sacrificing party loyalty? A small price to pay for humanity, surely.
Mar 1 2015 | by Gary Shaul | The Catch 22 Campaign was one of several strategic voting initiatives in the 2011 federal election. C22 will not be doing a repeat in 2015.
Mar 1 2015 | by Karl Nerenberg | Elsewhere on rabble.ca Michael Laxer has made the argument that the NDP is soft on C-51 because Mulcair says, in office, the NDP would amend it not scrap it. Laxer is wrong.
Connie Sorio
Feb 28 2015 | by Connie Sorio | Today, February 28, I am fasting because I am hungry for change. Today I consider my fast both a political and spiritual action.
Jimmy Carter
Feb 27 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | To paraphrase Democrat Lloyd Bentsen's famous comment to Republican Dan Quayle in the 1988 U.S. vice-presidential debate: "I knew Ralph Klein... Premier, you're no Ralph Klein!"
Photo credit: The Wrap
Feb 27 2015 | by Kate MacIntruff | The wage gap is a thing. It exists. It isn't pretty. It is the face of discrimination. It isn't going to go away if we close our eyes and hold our breath and count to one hundred.
Feb 27 2015 | by Leila Darwish | For the last three days, concerned community members have been protesting Kinder Morgan contractors who are attempting yet again to do test drilling for their dirty tar sands pipeline.
Feb 27 2015 | by Krystalline Kraus | In a shooting death of an unarmed, black teenager that sparked off racial tensions, the shooter will not face Federal hate crime charges.
Feb 27 2015 | by Michael Laxer | In the days since Mulcair first announced his and his party's intention to oppose the bill, this "opposition" has quickly begun to look far more like a retreat.
Feb 27 2015 | by Jessica Prupas | A roundup of the highlights from rabble.ca blogs this week.
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Feb 27 2015 | by Lynell Anderson | Budget 2015 clearly shows that B.C. can afford to start implementing the $10/day child-care plan now -- and it can choose to do so without raising taxes.
rabble.ca: Better Than Ezra. (Much, much better)
Feb 27 2015 | by rabble staff | Far-right commentator Ezra Levant is raising thousands of dollars for his Conservative news website. Let’s send a message -- help us to reach our $30,000 goal for the winter fundraiser!
Feb 27 2015 | by Anne Theriault | Spock, aka Leonard Nimoy, just died 216 years before he is due to be born on the planet Vulcan. Live long and prosper, bro.
Feb 26 2015 | by Meghan Murphy | The actor says, "If I had total dominion over myself, I'd never look at porn again."
Feb 26 2015 | by Mercedes Allen | Canada's trans* human rights bill C-279 was amended by a Senate committee, in a way that makes it legal to ban trans* people from washrooms and gendered spaces.
Feb 26 2015 | by Krystalline Kraus | On Ticket Master’s website, there is only a short statement citing “immigration issues” for the reason for the short notice cancellation.
Edmonton TFW Protest
Feb 26 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | Common sense says that at this moment, when "everything has changed," the TFW program will have to change too. But don't count on common sense!
Photo: McBeth/flickr
Feb 26 2015 | by Marvin Shaffer | The upcoming referendum isn't the first but rather the culmination of a two-decade, tragically effective, bipartisan effort to prevent TransLink from doing what it was originally set up to do.
Photo: flickr/ tuchodi
Feb 26 2015 | by Karl Nerenberg | Much of the media has tended to reduce the opposition critique of Bill C-51 to one thing: the need for better oversight. But all opposition parties, including the Liberals, share many other concerns.
Robin Campbell
Feb 25 2015 | by David J. Climenhaga | Alberta's PC governments never learn anything, no matter which leader they choose to be conductor of the train, and we just keep reliving the past over and over.
Feb 25 2015 | by Brent Patterson | German minister of the economy Sigmar Gabriel is proposing to revise the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), notably its investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism.