Image: Pixabay/KatjaJust/Waterfaucets
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is helping Brazil's right-wing government to privatize a public water system in Rio de Janeiro. Plus labour's plans for the climate crisis.
Anti-vaccine and anti-mask protest in U.K. Image credit: Steve Eason/Flickr
Rick Salutin | For those protesting masks and vaccines, it's always about freedom, revolving around noble, self-serving heroic individuals.
Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino. Image credit: Marco Mendicino/Facebook
Mehdi Rizvi | To boost immigration levels, Canada has introduced a new one-time program for international graduates and temporary foreign workers in essential occupations.
Eliza McCullough: Still from video
Jase Tanner, Emma Gregory | Eliza McCullough is a legal advocate for women in the Downtown Eastside. She has built her professional career on support work and helping women in similar situations to her.
Princeton University Campus. Image credit: davedgd/Flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Organizers learned of the bones, which have been described as an "open secret" in the anthropology community, when trying to facilitate the Penn Museum's repatriation of skulls of enslaved people.
Military parade in Toronto. Image credit: Can Pac Swire/Flickr
Yves Engler | Military command structures reinforce the most undemocratic impulses of Canadian society, while its patriarchal and authoritarian nature is a threat to many within it.
Image: Meme Generator
Linda McQuaig | To the surprise of many, U.S. President Joe Biden is making a daring bid to overturn much of the mean-spirited conservative economic agenda that's dominated America and the world since the 1980s.
Stephen Lewis at mobile clinic in Uganda. Image credit: Judy Jackson. Used with permission.
Judy Jackson | As a young man Stephen Lewis worked as a teacher in Africa and fell in love with the continent. Later, filmmaker Judy Jackson witnessed Lewis' work in Africa combatting the HIV/AIDS crisis.
Field of grain. Image credit: Jérôme Bussière/Unsplash
Lois Ross | While the 2021 budget appears to favour agricultural climate change measures on the one hand, will federal regulatory reviews end up reducing climate action on the other?
Lake Erie and Nanticoke Power Generating Station. Image credit: JasonParis/Flickr
Joyce Nelson | The Lake Erie Connector is a proposed 117-kilometre, 1,000-megawatt, high-voltage direct-current transmission line under Lake Erie. It would connect with the largest electricity market in the U.S.
Close up of grassy lawn. Image credit: Petar Tonchev/Unsplash
David Suzuki | Researchers have found that regular mowing, especially early in spring, has unintended ecological consequences. Mowing less is a simple way to help insects and boost local ecology.
Image: Gail Cyr. Used with permission.
Maya Bhullar | Gail Cyr has spent her life amplifying the work and voices of local communities. Now, she is officially "retired" but is as busy as ever.