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Bound but not Gagged

Immigration barriers: 'Ru' by Kim Thúy wins Canada Reads | 'Ru' beats out 'When Everything Feels Like the Movies' as this year's "book to break barriers." Which barriers will it break and why should you care?
'And the Birds Rained Down' is down and out of Canada Reads 2015 | Jocelyne Saucier's 'And the Birds Rained Down' flew the coop after it was unanimously voted out of the competition.
'The Inconvenient Indian' is conveniently kicked off of Canada Reads | After a tense four-way tiebreak "The Inconvenient Indian" was booted from this year's battle of the books.
'Intolerable' is the first cast off for Canada Reads 2015 | Kamal Al-Solaylee's "Intolerable: A Memoir of Extremes" is kicked to the curb by Canada Reads.
Read into it: Three things to consider with Canada Reads 2015 | It's that time of year again...Canada's annual reading reality show, Canada Reads, is back! Tune in March 16-19 and join the conversation with #RabbleReads

Top 5 Indie Bestsellers

September 19, 2013
The Paper Hound is the newest addition to Vancouver's Book Row on West Pender Street. An eclectic and well-appointed array of titles new and old for discerning readers and idle browsers alike!
1. Horse d'Oeuvres - The Four Horsemen
2. There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to do: Poems 1963-78 - Michael Ondaatje
3. What's do big about green? - Earle Birney
4. Liquidities: Vancouver Poeams Then and Now - Daphne Marlatt
5. The Place of Scraps - Jordan Abel

Featured book review

Sex, drugs and pyromania: 'The Green Hotel' exposes Toronto's underbelly | Mar 26 2015 | Lauren Scott
Jesse Gilmour explores the father-son relationship in the most extreme of terms. What will a father do for a son, and what will a son ask of a father?

Recently reviewed

Political Action
Transformative movement-building: Another politics made clear | Mar 19 2015 | Greg Macdougall | Chris Dixon's book 'Another Politics' addresses the challenges, successes and inspirations of anti-authoritarian activism.
The limits and possibilities of dissent in an age of militarized policing | Mar 12 2015 | Sarah Hipworth | Author Lesley Wood sheds light on the dynamics of protest policing and how these will be affected with legislation like Bill C-51.
Watch out Lefties! The FBI is out to sabotage you | Mar 5 2015 | Eleanor J. Bader | Let's take a look into The Revolutionary Union and its later incarnation, the Revolutionary Communist Party, to reveal how the FBI and local police worked to undermine progressive unity.
Textile artists reclaim narrative through 'Strange Material' | Feb 26 2015 | Steffanie Pinch | How do we take back and transform the narrative from the mainstream? Well, knitting, patching, felting and sewing are a good start.
Harper vs. Canada: Putting the Conservatives' record on trial | Feb 19 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Karl Nerenberg has been rabble's parliamentary reporter since 2011, when the Harper government won its majority. Karl’s got a new book, full of keen observations about the Harper years.
'Nothing Looks Familiar' asks: 'What does it mean to live in a body today?' | Feb 12 2015 | Yutaka Dirks | Acts of sex. Acts of violence. Raw physicality. Shawn Syms' 'Nothing Looks Familiar' explores bodies and sexuality of today's flawed beings.
Indigenous Rights
Capitalism must die in order for Indigenous nations to live | Feb 5 2015 | Kelly Rose Pflug-Back | The Canadian government's treatment of Indigenous people both historically and presently makes one thing clear: It only wants a relationship of taking land and resources.
'Captive Revolution' liberates narratives of Palestinian women | Jan 29 2015 | Azeezah Kanji | Women's political resistance and detention has been going on since, well colonialism, imperialism and the capitalist state. 'Captive Revolution' focuses on the participation of Palestinian women.
A bold vision for Canada's future | Jan 22 2015 | Jessie Housty | Imagine Canada's future. What does it look like? In this excerpt, we read what Jessie Housty, an Indigenous community leader from the Heiltsuk First Nation, envisions for Canada.
What's your water footprint? | Jan 15 2015 | Paul Weinberg | What?! There's another reason to worry about the planet? Why yes. If we don't get control over our water usage, we will be up the creek without any water.

radio booklounge

radio book lounge
July 5, 2013
Cathi Bond presents the first reading in a series from her new novel Night Town.

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