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Bound but not Gagged

babble book club reading 'The Orenda' by Joseph Boyden | Love it? Hate it? Come tell us what you think! Our final discussion will take place on April 22 at 8 p.m. ET.
The Orenda won Canada Reads and I feel weird about it. | Is Joseph Boyden's novel really the one to incite social change in this country?
Photo: flickr/snow0810
Are you Pro or Con Canada Reads? | Canada Reads has become one of the most polarizing topics in CanLit. It creates exposure, but at the expensive of comparing art. Well, looks like we have to make a pro/con list.
Photo: flickr/danxoneil
A table in Paris: Remembering Mavis Gallant | A beautiful tribute to the late Canadian writer Mavis Gallant and how her writing affected the spectrum of Canadian literature.
Photos: Olivia Chow shares her journey at Toronto booklaunch | A standing room only crowd gathered at Trinity St. Paul United Church in Toronto on January 22, for the launch of Olivia Chow's new book, My Journey.

Top 5 Indie Bestsellers

September 19, 2013
The Paper Hound is the newest addition to Vancouver's Book Row on West Pender Street. An eclectic and well-appointed array of titles new and old for discerning readers and idle browsers alike!
1. Horse d'Oeuvres - The Four Horsemen
2. There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to do: Poems 1963-78 - Michael Ondaatje
3. What's do big about green? - Earle Birney
4. Liquidities: Vancouver Poeams Then and Now - Daphne Marlatt
5. The Place of Scraps - Jordan Abel

Featured book review

social policy
Capitalism beware: Rethinking imagination to regain our collective purpose | Apr 17 2014 | Max Haiven |
This excerpt from 'Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power' suggests the decline in the public sphere is not because capitalism is in crisis, but because capitalism is the crisis.

Recently reviewed

Gender politics
'Gender Failure' defies gender rules, roles and assumptions | Apr 10 2014 | Mercedes Allen | A collection of autobiographical vignettes, sketches and essays capture the moments of Ivan E. Coyote's and Rae Spoon's navigation through ill-fitting gender rules, roles and assumptions.
'Crazy Town': Doolittle does a lot with Rob Ford's story | Apr 3 2014 | Heather Morgan | The life and times of Rob Ford written by incredible reporter Robyn Doolittle. What more can we say?
'A Family by Any Other Name' explores queer relationships | Mar 27 2014 | Bruce Gillespie | What does 'family' mean to you? New anthology, 'A Family by Any Other Name,' focuses on the perspectives of queer relationships and families. Editor Bruce Gillespie interviews contributor Sara Graefe.
Indigenous Politics
'Clearing the Plains' confronts Canada's colonialism | Mar 20 2014 | Matthew Brett | Author James Daschuk discusses Canada's history of disease, deliberate starvation, ethnic cleansing, tar sands expansion, neglect of treaties and a legacy of colonialism of First Nations.
Olivia Chow's 'My Journey' is the antidote to political despair | Mar 13 2014 | Cathy Crowe | Olivia Chow's memoir 'My Journey' brings hope to the currently jaded Canadian political climate. Chow's successes and hardships inspire readers to believe in the power of community.
Maple Spring
'Tenir Tête' revisits the Maple Spring | Mar 6 2014 | Nora Loreto | Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the Maple Spring's most recognizable face, offers a straight-forward account about how the student strike felt from the inside.
'The Dogs Are Eating Them Now' begs for our collective attention | Feb 27 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | Was Canada's military engagement in Afghanistan worth it? Graeme Smith's award-winning retrospective on his time as a foreign correspondent for the Globe and Mail finds more questions than answers.
'Profiting Without Producing' stands to restrain finance and fight for socialism | Feb 20 2014 | Aaron Leonard | Costas Lapavitsas delves into the world of finance to discuss its dramatic impact on the world's economy and the innovative concept of financialization.
Political Action
'Languages of the Unheard' asks if militant action is important to democracy | Feb 13 2014 | Stephen D'Arcy | What is militancy and is it ever ethical to be militant? Stephen D'Arcy builds on the controversial words of Martin Luther King and vivid examples of political action to examine resistance.
'Unlikely Radicals' exposes the toxic Adams Mine Dump War | Feb 6 2014 | Meg Borthwick | 'Unlikely Radicals' details the unlikely victory of the farmers, retirees and First Nations people who stood up against the Man trying to turn the Adams Mine into a garbage dump.

radio booklounge

radio book lounge
July 5, 2013
Cathi Bond presents the first reading in a series from her new novel Night Town.

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