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Bound but not Gagged

B.C. publisher Dagger Editions makes queer women writers a priority | Dagger Editions is a new imprint of Caitlin Press which publishes stories by and about queer women. Enjoy this Q&A with publisher Vici Johnstone.
Photo: flickr/ Savannah van der Niet
On gender discrimination, representation in #canlit and the CWILA effect | A Q&A with members of CWILA, an organization that does an annual count to find out about women's involvement in Canadian literary culture.
The Canada Council for the Arts strikes a new chord with funding model | The Canada Council for the Arts is introducing a new funding model, which will be put into effect in April 2017. The model is made up of six programs, one of which is specifically Indigenous-focused.
Literature through the eyes of Indigenous writers and readers | A list of books by Indigenous writers recommended by Indigenous writers and academics. Writers recommended include Richard Van Camp, Lee Maracle, and Leslie Marmon Silko.
Seven important parts of Nellie McClung's dynamic and complicated legacy | Nellie McClung is a complicated figure in Canada's history. Here are seven important points we should remember about her legacy today on the 100th anniversary of voting rights for (some) women.

Top 5 Indie Bestsellers

September 19, 2013
The Paper Hound is the newest addition to Vancouver's Book Row on West Pender Street. An eclectic and well-appointed array of titles new and old for discerning readers and idle browsers alike!
1. Horse d'Oeuvres - The Four Horsemen
2. There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to do: Poems 1963-78 - Michael Ondaatje
3. What's do big about green? - Earle Birney
4. Liquidities: Vancouver Poeams Then and Now - Daphne Marlatt
5. The Place of Scraps - Jordan Abel

Featured book review

'The Slow Professor' serves up good advice, but misses the mark on institutional change | May 26 2016 | Christina Turner
The ongoing corporatization of Canadian universities has become the subject of a burgeoning field of anti-Corporate U lit. This book applies the principles of the Slow Food movement to education.

Recently reviewed

'We are the story of the women who die': 'In-Between Days' chronicles life with cancer | May 19 2016 | Lauren Scott | Teva Harrison's debut graphic memoir offers an intimate look at the vibrant life of a cancer patient.
Rise up! 'Drawn to Change' illustrates Canadian labour's stories and struggles | May 12 2016 | Haseena Manek | The Graphic History Collective illustrates an informative and illuminating timeline of Canada's complicated labour history. Consider this your call to arms.
The revolution will be led by women with wooden legs | May 5 2016 | Clarissa Fortin | In Ramprend, women come of age and lose one leg to a saw. Why? Delve into Huey Helene Alcaro's dystopian world of religious fervor and gender roles run amok.
'Oscar of Between' pushes boundaries of identity, language and form | Apr 28 2016 | Betsy Warland | New publisher Dagger Editions focuses on literature produced by and for queer woman. In this excerpt, Betsy Warland delves into a personal narrative of "a person of between."
The state vs. activists: How progressive movements are repressed for corporate profit | Apr 21 2016 | John Sorenson | What is ecoterrorism? According to John Sorenson it is the creation of the animal industrial complex in order to attack the animal rights movement and discredit its work.
'Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist' captures the spirit of protest | Apr 14 2016 | Yutaka Dirks | Sunil Yapa's new book has been making waves in the literary world. Yutaka Dirks relates his own experience at the "Battle of Seattle" and spoke with the author about his inspiration.
The legacy of colonization: Two poets 'dance with memory' and 'cock a fist' | Apr 7 2016 | Clarissa Fortin | The legacy of residential schools is a horrible scar on Canadian history. Two poets address the impact of residential schools in two profoundly different ways: the imagined and the personal.
The power of memory and storytelling | Mar 31 2016 | Christine Smith (McFarlane) | Author Lee Maracle shows why she is one of the greatest writers of her time with her new collection on storytelling. It (almost) left our reviewer speechless.
fat activism
Fat activism: A history by and for fat people | Mar 24 2016 | Laura Brightwell | Charlotte Cooper's book Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement studies the history of fat activism and seeks to challenge its current, more problematic, narratives.
Revolution or war? Syria's struggles from the ground up | Mar 17 2016 | Gerard Di Trolio | No recent conflict is as misunderstood as the Syrian Revolution assert authors Leila Al-Shami and Robin Yassin-Kassab. It should be seen as a revolution. Here's why.

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October 5, 2015
A vacation that led to four years of extensive international research into animal husbandry.

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