Image: Kyle Curlew
Queen's history of white supremacy much longer than one racist party | Dec 1 2016 | Kyle Curlew | National controversy flared up after the revelation of pictures from a party held near Queen's University campus where students dressed in racist costumes. But the problem is much deeper.
Israel-Palestine: What has caused the crisis and how can we bring an end to it? | Nov 30 2016 | Independent Jewish Voices, Sid Shniad | A look at the history of anti-Semitism and the different responses to it can point us in the direction of a resolution to this crisis.
Protesting white supremacy in Washington, DC
Hundreds protest outside white supremacist conference in Washington | Nov 30 2016 | Redeye Collective | Lacy MacAuley is a member of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. She was one of several hundred people who gathered outside a conference hosted by the National Policy Institute last week.
Image: Facebook/Broadbent Institute
Van Jones: Canada needs to stand tall against Trump's 'whitelash' election win | Nov 30 2016 | Phillip Dwight Morgan | The former Obama White House adviser and CNN political pundit visited Toronto last week and gave Canada some advice on responding to a Trump White House.
Image: Facebook
Queen's racist costumes not 'just a party' for students and graduates of colour | Nov 30 2016 | Kevin Hurren | Attempts to shrug off the racist party at Queen's denies the real prejudice facing students and graduates of colour every day.
More than 600 attend multi-faith solidarity event in Ottawa against racism
A rally against hate at Machzikei Hadas synagogue | Nov 27 2016 | Dennis Gruending | More than 600 people attended a recent multi-faith solidarity event at an Ottawa synagogue against racism and xenophobia.
Stop Deportation
The Dream Act registrants are now vulnerable to Trump's deportation threats | Nov 24 2016 | President Obama must protect them. Wherever we are, we have to stand for status for all.
Photo: Tony Hoffarth/flickr
Taking racist sports logos to court: Sports, tropes and prospects for change | Nov 24 2016 | Pro Bono, Safia J. Lakhani | An application for an injunction preventing the dissemination of the team name of the "Cleveland Indians" has drawn renewed attention to the issue of racial stereotyping in sports.
Photo: Tony Webster/flickr
Trump likely to turn peaceful Black protests into race war | Nov 24 2016 | Linda McQuaig | The soft, itchy underbelly of American racism has been given a good scratching by Donald Trump. Whatever damage he is likely to do around the globe, at home he is going to inflame existing tensions.
Photo: Ted Drake/flickr
Carding: An open letter to the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario from Black intellectuals, writers and organizers | Nov 23 2016 | various | On Nov. 17, 2016, the Toronto Police Services Board voted to continue the practice of carding in a revised form. Organizers and community members speak out against this practice in an open letter.
Responding to everyday bigotry | Nov 23 2016 | For some of us, this is a guide to having integrity this holiday season.

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Toronto and York Region Labour Council
Statement on the police killing of Abdirahman Abdi
We write statements, call for reform, yet police violence against unarmed Black men and women continues. We need action and we need it now.

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