Muhammad Ali leaves behind response to Islamaphobia in his funeral | Jun 17 2016 | Rick Salutin | One great thing about Muhammad Ali's funeral a week ago is that it responded to the hateful Trumpian garbage that got spewed after the Orlando slaughter and did so pre-emptively.
Photo: Andy Piper/flickr
Why newsroom diversity still matters | Jun 17 2016 | John Miller | News media are increasingly giving us a skewed picture of Canada.
Did you read the Truth and Reconcilliation report? | Jun 16 2016 | Would you like to?
Twin cases of Brock Turner and Jasmine Richards expose deep inequalities of U.S. justice system | Jun 9 2016 | Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The two cases could not be more starkly different, nor could they, together, better illustrate the vast disparities across race and class lines in the American system of justice.
How do we stop using words that exclude | Jun 2 2016 | A progressive style guide to anti-oppressive language
Black Lives Matter: Two cities, two different approaches | May 31 2016 | Victoria Fenner | Desmond Cole, Toronto journalist and activist and Cicely Belle-Blain a Vancouver artist and community organizer, talk about Black Lives Matter in their cities.
New Town restaurant in Chinatown, Vancouver, B.C.
Without migrant and immigrant workers at its centre, there's no future for organized labour | May 27 2016 | Justin Kong | If the labour movement in Canada is to remain relevant and keep its ability to push progressive politics it needs to take organizing and supporting immigrant workers much more seriously.
Image: Facebook/Nour el Sherbini
New world champion squashes Western stereotypes of Muslim women | May 25 2016 | Dalia Thamin | Four of the top 10 best women squash players in the world are Egyptian Muslims -- but such feel-good stories never make the Western press.
Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr
Donald Trump: He can't win, can he? | May 24 2016 | Duncan Cameron | Most Canadians watching the U.S. presidential race were astonished to see Donald Trump emerge as serious contender for high office, let alone become the presumptive Republican nominee.
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Komagata Maru yet another dark chapter in Canada's racist past | May 18 2016 | Rod Mickleburgh | At long last, a formal apology is being delivered in the House of Commons for Canada's racist behaviour in its shameful treatment of Sikh passengers aboard the Komagata Maru.
Photo by Lenee Son.
Black Lives Matter-Vancouver: 'We all feel an urgent sense of justice. We want it now.' | May 17 2016 | Charlene Sayo | Cicely-Belle Blain shares Black Lives Matter-Vancouver's goals and visions, the history of slavery, and why women are at the forefront of social movements.
Image: Facebook/Sadiq Khan
London's new mayor isn't a 'moderate' Muslim. He's just an ordinary one. | May 17 2016 | Shenaz Kermalli | Sadiq Khan first entered the political scene in Britain as an elected MP for Tooting in East London in 2005 -- at the height of the so-called war against terror and global Islamophobia.

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Inquest says police murdered Jermaine Carby
On the same day Toronto Police raided marijuana dispensaries, the jury in the coroner's inquest into the police shooting of Jermaine Carby essentially ruled his death as racism-fuelled homicide.

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