Image: Wikimedia Commons
The attack on student union autonomy at the University of Windsor | Apr 15 2014 | Nora Loreto | What's behind the admin's decision to refuse to remit student union fees?
Photo: flickr/Andrew Louis
CUP needs to survive to help student journalism thrive | Apr 14 2014 | Erin Hudson | CUP is in the midst of a debilitating financial crisis. CUP needs to stay and to thrive in order to continue the tradition of community and support among Canada's student journalists.
Photo: Karsten Saunders/The Brunswickian
How to cover a campus labour dispute | Apr 8 2014 | Cherise Letson | How do student journalists cover labour disputes happening on their campus? What is the relationship between student and university? These questions were discussed at the March #CUPchat.
Photo: flickr/Oregon Department of Transportation
Canadian schools must be culturally inclusive. Why aren't they? | Apr 4 2014 | Amira Elghawaby | Earlier this month, the Toronto District School Board was in hot water after its plan to help Somali-Canadian youth better succeed in school became controversial.
Photo: flickr/Glenn Euloth
Free post-secondary education in Canada: It's not so radical | Mar 31 2014 | Sanita Fejzic | Canada needs to embrace a not so radical idea: free post-secondary education. We need to stop raising tuition fees and instead invest in Canadian education.
Composting Curriculum | Mar 27 2014 | A curriculum resource for teachers hoping to introduce the idea of composting
Activist Toolkit roundup: Earth Hour is here already! | Mar 27 2014 | Megan Stacey | This week, tools for environmental activism, green living and embracing a vegan lifestyle.
Unemployment numbers show youth workers hit hard by recession, inequality | Mar 25 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Given that the 2014 federal budget talked a lot about youth unemployment, but didn't actually do very much, I thought it would be worth going over a few trends for the 20-29 age group.
Photo: flickr/burgundavia
UFCW takes #NotMyTomato on the road for Migrant Worker Month | Mar 18 2014 | H.G. Watson | Students Against Migrant Exploitation and the United Food and Commercial Workers have been visiting Canadian universities hoping to get people thinking about worker conditions with #NotMyTomato.
photo: flickr/Caelie_Frampton
B.C. teachers' math lesson: workers + labour rights = stability | Mar 14 2014 | H.G. Watson | Negotiations between B.C. and its teachers' union is one more example of how governments create instability by dismantling labour rights.
Students across Canada organize for Israeli Apartheid Week 2014 | Mar 13 2014 | Christina Turner | Student organizers focus on awareness, solidarity and action for IAW, now in its tenth year.
Image Credit: Government of Alberta via Flickr
Alberta partners with oilsands to develop kindergarten curriculum | Mar 13 2014 | Carol Linnitt | The province of Alberta has recently released a development plan for public schools that enlists Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada in the creation of future Kindergarten to Grade 3 curriculum.

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