Pamela Palmater
Pam Palmater: Honour the treaties, keep the promises | Feb 12 2016 | Christopher Majka | Pam Palmater's eloquent advocacy for rights of Indigenous people combines fierce intelligence and knowledge of native law and tradition with the warmth and generosity of Idle No More. Hear her voice.
Photo: Council of Canadians blog
Groundbreaking meeting sets course for Indigenous climate action | Feb 11 2016 | Diane Connors | Members and leaders of nations from around the country came together to share and hear stories, to learn from each other about climate change impacts and to work on ways forward.
Image: Council of Canadians blog
Wolastoq Nation joins Treaty 3, AMC and Kanehsatà:ke Mohawks in opposing Energy East | Feb 10 2016 | Brent Patterson | There is a growing wall of Indigenous opposition to the Energy East pipeline.
Photo: flickr/BC Government and Service Employees' Union BCGEU
BCGEU signs solidarity accord with First Nations against Northern Gateway pipeline | Feb 9 2016 | Alyse Kotyk | BCGEU and its 65,000 members have signed a solidarity agreement with First Nations opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal and other tar sands projects in their territories.
Photo: flickr/Christian Peacemaker Teams Aboriginal Justice Team
Indigenous women and girls with disabilities bigger targets of sexual violence | Feb 9 2016 | Fiona Whittington-Walsh, Lynn Gehl | Indigenous women and girls with disabilities are targeted by predators at a greater rate yet there is a gap in research. Moving forward, the national inquiry must consider these questions.
Image/Wikimedia Commons
It's time to protect the Great Bear Rainforest's grizzlies | Feb 9 2016 | David Suzuki | The grizzly bear trophy hunt is a sport like dogfighting, cockfighting and bullfighting are sports -- maybe worse.
Image: Flickr/Neeta Lind
Don't just give equal funds to child welfare for First Nations children. Decolonize it. | Feb 8 2016 | Laura Landertinger | Equal funding within a fundamentally unjust system cannot lead to justice. If the problem is colonialism, then the answer is decolonization.
Waterloo's People's Injunction against the NEB - photo Divest Waterloo
Waterloo's people's injunction against the NEB | Feb 5 2016 | Dan Kellar | Audio from the January 24 "People's Injunction" demonstration in Waterloo which demanded new rules for the NEB which consider Indigenous rights and climate change in their decisions.
You may think this face was evidence of civil disobedience to come...
A love letter at the closing of our grocery store | Feb 4 2016 | Erica Violet Lee | My love letter to all the wild-tongued dreamers in kisiskâciwan; those who built the Good Food Junction, those who are fighting for food wherever others are growing rich off our hunger.
Photo: flickr/ Gunnar Ries
Indigenous women fastest-growing inmate population in Canada, says report | Feb 4 2016 | Cory Collins | As the growth in the Aboriginal prison population comes under scrutiny, past recommendations are echoed once more.
Sophie Harkat, B.C. Enbridge pipeline and 'Harvesting Freedom' | Feb 2 2016 | GroundWire | On this episode: Sophie Harkat, Justicia for Migrant Workers launch their campaign 'Harvesting Freedom' and the B.C. Supreme Court ruling against the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Photo: StudioTempura/flickr
Patients need real solutions to a health system in crisis | Feb 1 2016 | Julie Devaney | Patients don't want sympathy, we want solidarity. We don't want "reasonable" solutions that disregard the destruction of social services over decades.

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Victory for First Nations children: what will Trudeau do?
AFN Grand Chief Perry Bellegarde said he is optimistic that the Trudeau government is listening. But indigenous groups warn they will go to court again if the government does not fix the system.

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