Jules Koostachin and James Buffin
Understanding ourselves through truth and reconciliation | Apr 17 2014 | Katy Quinn | Knowing who we are as Canadians means acknowledging and understanding the injustices and harms experienced by Indigenous people at the residential schools.
Cherry Smiley on Indigenous feminism, colonial violence and the sex industry | Apr 17 2014 | Meghan Murphy | In this episode we hear a talk by Cherry Smiley. The talk is part of a series on Indigenous Feminism, put on by the First Nations Student Association at Simon Fraser University.
The Indigenous fight against colonial veganism | Apr 16 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | But what is this fight really all about? The right to choose what to eat? The right to dictate that choice to others?
Activist Communique: On veganism, Ellen DeGeneres, the sealhunt and #sealfies | Apr 16 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | The issue of the Canadian seal hunt has been in the news recently thanks to spouting off of famous Hollywood types and the Twitter hashtag backlash. Let me explain...
MPs take a break with a full plate awaiting them back in Parliament | Apr 14 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | Fair Elections Act, the omnibus budget bill, reform of First Nations education, contaminated sites and galloping climate change all await MPs when they get back to work.
A changing power dynamic: What did PowerShift Atlantic accomplish? | Apr 14 2014 | Catherine MacNeil, Robin Tress | On March 30, 500 people left with a deeper understanding of climate justice, with a more rounded view of the issues we face within our own communities and with a toolbox bursting with new skills.
Photo by Krystalline Kraus
Activist Communique: Four Sacred Colours Pow Wow photos from 2014 | Apr 13 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Without further ado, here are the photos I took at the George Brown Campus, Four Sacred Colours Pow Wow 2014.
Toolkit to Abolish Racist Native Mascots | Apr 11 2014 | Tips to help you take on racist native mascots
First Nations education bill fails the test | Apr 11 2014 | Daniel Wilson | In this blog, Daniel Wilson reviews Bill C-33, the recently tabled First Nations education legislation
Dr. James Talbot
What happens now that we know there really is a cancer cluster in Fort Chip? Nothing? | Apr 11 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Connections, connections … whatever can they all mean? Could someone be afraid of the answers a credible study of the health effects of bitumen mining might reveal?
Truth, reconciliation and respecting all our relations | Apr 9 2014 | Daniel Wilson | In this blog, Daniel Wilson reflects on the final public hearing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
No blood for (Alberta) oil | Apr 9 2014 | J Baglow | The Fort Chipewyan cancer cluster: Big Oil speaks, Alberta government covers for it.

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#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement. | ikosmos said... The independent state of Crimea lasted for 2 days or so. They really had to join something. Carving...
casual-chic genocide? | lagatta said... I was quite horrified when I saw the t-shirt under the linen jacket I was looking at, for those...
Parliamentary committee's report on violence against Indigenous women 'sanitized' | epaulo13 said... Parliamentary committee’s report on violence against Indigenous women ‘sanitized’ The Conservative...
Yet another murdered indigenous woman - studying this very issue | Slumberjack said... Just about every forum could take the matter up. in
Allyship | 6079_Smith_W said... I count my allies based on issues of common concern, not issues on which we disagree. In fact, a...
Liberal political commentator Rob Silver mentions twice on CBC Power & Politics | sherpa-finn said... > He also said, not once but twice, that their message only appeals to people who read
babble book club discussion 'The Inconvenient Indian' by Thomas King | Kaitlin McNabb said... Still waiting on my copy to come in, but have finished a few of the books on my list before then. I...
Fracking blockade chaos | KenS said...
Willie Dunn, Ballad of Crowfoot... | lagatta said... More on Willie Dunn:
Leona Aglukkaq - Using Northern Background as Shield Against Environmental Attacks. Says Polar Bear NOT Disappearing! | terrytowel said... “As a northerner, I want to say — first and foremost — that people in the North want development...

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Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
Fact Sheet: Violence against Women in Canada
Violence against women and girls continues to be widely tolerated in Canada. This fact sheet is a compilation of the most recent research and statistics on women’s experience of violence.

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