Community, Research and Social Change: 10th annual State of the Inner City Report | Dec 19 2014 | Molly McCracken | The State of the Inner City Report is an annual research collaboration between the CCPA Manitoba and community organizations based in the inner city of Winnipeg. This year marks its 10th anniversary.
First Nation disappointed by NAFTA commission decision on wild salmon | Dec 18 2014 | Brent Patterson | Between 1994 and 2012, 80 complaints have been filed with the Commission on Environmental Co-operation. Eighty-five per cent of those submissions have been dismissed or terminated.
José Tendetza
José Tendetza's murder is more blood on Canada's hands | Dec 18 2014 | Jennifer Moore | José Tendetza did not have to die. The Canadian government was aware of the tensions that implicate a Vancouver-based mining corporation -- and could have acted.
B.C. government approves Site C Dam, but the fight continues | Dec 17 2014 | Leila Darwish | The Site C hydroelectric dam is not clean, not green, not economical, and not in the public interest. This project must be opposed if we are to protect water and land, and respect Indigenous rights.
Photo: scottlum/flickr
Do Black Lives Matter in Canada? | Dec 17 2014 | Harsha Walia | As events in Ferguson and beyond unfold, many Canadians have been quick to distance ourselves from the systemic racism that plagues the U.S. -- but in doing so, overlook anti-Black racism in Canada.
Dear Ryan: The tragedy of the Yukon's commons | Dec 17 2014 | Linda Leon | The controversy over the land use plan for the Peel River Watershed is broadly divisive. But the Yukon Government is moving full steam ahead with forsaking the commons for the profit of a few.
Eyewitness report from Mount Polley mine disaster site | Dec 17 2014 | Redeye Collective | Two activists from Vancouver Island travelled to a Secwepemc camp at Mount Polley to bear witness to the destruction following the collapse in August of the dam holding back a tailings pond.
Photo: Islands in the St Lawrence/flickr (modified)
What's missing in the Great Lakes Commission's Draft report on transport of crude oil? | Dec 16 2014 | Emma Lui | The Great Lakes Commission released its draft report on the transport of crude oil in the Great Lakes region, which provides an overview of the increase of crude oil transportation in the area.
Delegation at Peoples’ Summit of the UN Climate Conference COP20 Delegate. At sm
World still faces climate catastrophe after Lima Conference | Dec 16 2014 | John Dillon | Monitoring the UN climate conference in Lima, I was struck with a profound sense of déjà vu. Nothing significant was achieved. In the meantime what can we do?
Meeting the housing needs of Aboriginal people moving to Winnipeg | Dec 12 2014 | Josh Brandon | Winnipeg is home to Canada's largest Aboriginal population. Aboriginal people, however, are among the most likely to experience homelessness and are over-represented in housing that is unaffordable.
Cities celebrate two-year anniversary of Idle No More with round dances | Dec 11 2014 | Krystalline Kraus | Toronto held its two-year anniversary of the Idle No More movement on December 10, 2014 with a round dance at the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Avenue.
Photo: flickr/Mark Klotz
Whose contempt? Burnaby Mountain, Kinder Morgan and the law | Dec 10 2014 | Irina Ceric | It felt like a victory, and it was, but a week later the wages of victory are hard to grasp. A lawyer looks back on her work with the protesters of Burnaby Mountain.

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2014 Assembly of First Nations elects new leader - What lies ahead? epaulo13 said... ..this is an introduction to what first nations face today and various directions needed to move...
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Racist attacks on Winnipeg mayoral candidate Robert Falcon-Ouellette 6079_Smith_W said... Probably never. And it is sure to get worse before it gets better, because seeing positive change...
Horrific beating of homeless Aboriginal woman in Saskatchewan lagatta said... What a horrible story. That is racist behaviour worthy of the Nazis or the Klan. For too many...
Idle No More cendonghai said... While the timeless classic design is obvious, these bags are truly designed for the few and the...
Movements against Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan zenqingcuan said... These shoes have proven to be very popular with plenty of squash players; however, there has been a...
Shawn Atleo resigns as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations NorthReport said... Good! That he is stepping down that is. in
Aboriginal education bill epaulo13 said... ..i begin here to show the atleo position. Bill C-33, the First Nations Control of First Nations...
#Cascadia Now? An Independence Movement. ikosmos said... The independent state of Crimea lasted for 2 days or so. They really had to join something. Carving...
casual-chic genocide? lagatta said... I was quite horrified when I saw the t-shirt under the linen jacket I was looking at, for those...

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