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Feminist Current

Cherry Smiley on Indigenous feminism, colonial violence and the sex industry

April 17, 2014
| In this episode we hear a talk by Cherry Smiley. The talk is part of a series on Indigenous Feminism, put on by the First Nations Student Association at Simon Fraser University.
Length: 53:27 minutes (48.94 MB)
The Swan Song

The (sexual) identity crisis

April 16, 2014
| Remy Nassar, President of Helm, a Montreal Lebanese gay rights group, shares his story about growing up as a sexually confused gay adolescent in the conservative country of Lebanon.
Length: 27:21 minutes (25.05 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

The power of a committed few: Green radicals on Vancouver Island

April 16, 2014
| Zoe Blunt talks about the radical environmentalism and indigenous solidarity work of the Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network.
Length: 28:09 minutes (25.78 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Counter Culture Speaker Series -- David Barsamian: Media, capitalism and climate change

April 14, 2014
| Alternative Radio host David Barsamian was at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver for the 2014 Counter Culture Speaker Series.
Length: 1:23:08 minutes (76.11 MB)
The F Word

Who am I to do this?: The importance of kindness in activism

April 14, 2014
| Ariana Barer speaks with Pragya Sharma about the importance of kindness in activism and shifting our thinking around struggles for social change.
Length: 28:16 minutes (16.19 MB)

25 years after Exxon Valdez disaster, oil still found on beaches

April 13, 2014
| It took 10 years for pink salmon stocks to recover, herring has still not recovered and local communities continue to suffer health and economic impacts from the oil spill.
Length: 15:13 minutes (13.94 MB)

Rights groups call for independent CBSA watchdog

April 11, 2014
| The Canada Border Services Agency has sweeping police powers, yet unlike most other police forces in Canada, there is no independent oversight body to review its actions.
Length: 13:28 minutes (12.33 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 217 - John Heney - 'Spiritual Mechanic'

April 11, 2014
| How and who you are, in your life, in the world, makes an impression! John Heney in a brief chat about the notion of 'atmosphere.'
Length: 06:08 minutes (5.62 MB)

B.C. Parks opened up to pipelines, highways

April 10, 2014
| On March 24, the B.C. government passed a bill to make it easier to change park boundaries and allow industrial development. The bill specifically mentions pipelines, highways and transmission.
Length: 09:58 minutes (9.13 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Being Chinese in Quebec

April 9, 2014
| Parker Mah talks about "Being Chinese in Quebec," a documentary film about how young Chinese Quebeckers experience identity, community, race and the place they call home.
Length: 27:59 minutes (25.63 MB)

A conversation with Arundhati Roy

April 8, 2014
| Arundhati Roy paid her first visit to Vancouver in early April. While she was there, Carmen Rodriguez took the opportunity to talk with her about politics, writing and resistance movements.
Length: 22:54 minutes (20.98 MB)
Democracy North

Democracy North: Interview with Arundhati Roy, protecting medicare rallies

April 7, 2014
| This week, Democracy North includes an interview with Arundhati Roy and looks at medicare and the expiry of the Health Accord.
Length: 55:11 minutes (62.87 MB)
Constructing change: the activist toolkit

Community gardening with BUGS

April 7, 2014
| In this episode of Constructing Change, we talk with a small panel of community garden leaders in Ottawa working with BUGS -- Bytowne Urban Gardens.
Length: 09:39 minutes (13.27 MB)
The F Word

Sister Spit Ramblin' Roadshow Part 2

April 7, 2014
| WARNING: This show contains swearing and sexual content. The F Word airs performances from the queer feminist spoken word and performance art collective Sister Spit's Ramblin Roadshow.
Length: 28:44 minutes (32.89 MB)
The F Word

Being working class

April 6, 2014
| Carissa Ropponen speaks with Jenna MacKay about being working class, coming into a class consciousness, and struggles accessing university as working-class women.
Length: 45:00 minutes (51.51 MB)
The F Word

Surviving sexual assault: Part 1

April 6, 2014
| Nicole Deagan interviews Wendy Potter, the Education and Outreach Co-ordinator with the Sexual Assault Service, a B.C. Women's Hospital-based program.
Length: 48:07 minutes (55.09 MB)

Why we shouldn't buy into the smear campaign against the Portland Hotel Society

April 6, 2014
| After Mark Townsend was forced to resign, critics from the left as well as the right accused the PHS of corruption. Michael Stewart says that's exactly what the government wanted us to do.
Length: 12:48 minutes (11.73 MB)
The F Word

Killjoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

April 6, 2014
| Ellie Gordon-Moershel's story on Toronto's Killjoy's Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House. Explicit content.
Length: 21:41 minutes (24.82 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Organizing transport workers in Hong Kong

April 5, 2014
| An interview with Lam, a delegate from the Bus Workers Union Hong Kong, who was at the Australian Council of Trade Unions' conference.
Length: 29:22 minutes (26.89 MB)
Needs No Introduction

B.C. Ferries Cut the Discovery Coast Route

April 5, 2014
| Last month B.C Ferries announced they would cut ferry services in British Columbia and discontinue the Discovery Coast Ferry. Interview with Petrus Rykes Chair of Save the Discovery Ferry Campaign.
Length: 11:22 minutes (10.42 MB)