GroundWire Community Radio News is a bi-weekly 29-minute news radio program featuring headlines, reports and features from the community radio sector in Canada. The program engages Canadians with geographically and culturally diverse stories of interest to a national audience.

GroundWire | Splatsin members oppose land transfer, River Run, Community Radio Awards

July 4, 2016
| This episode of GroundWire features the opposition to condos on unceded Algonquin Territory, River Run protest to support Grassy Narrows and more.
Length: 28:14 minutes (25.85 MB)

GroundWire | Ottawa Sacred Walk, Pulse nightclub vigil, Save Crab Park

June 20, 2016
| This episode of GroundWire was produced in part at the annual national campus and community radio conference, held this year in Ottawa on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory.
Length: 27:35 minutes (25.25 MB)

River Run, Indigenous death in detention, equity and media literacy

June 6, 2016
| This week GroundWire is produced at CILU FM, on Fort William First Nation's Annishinabe Traditional Territory, part of the Robinson-Superior Treaty in Thunder Bay Ontario.
Length: 29:30 minutes (27.01 MB)

Indigenous activists occupy INAC offices in solidarity with Attawapiskat youth

April 29, 2016
| Community radio news from coast to coast to coast: Attawapiskat and INAC occupation, Winnipeg racist DJ, fentanyl overdoses.
Length: 25:55 minutes (23.74 MB)

GroundWire | Abortion services in P.E.I. and Royal Winnipeg Ballet's production of 'Going Home Star'

April 13, 2016
| This episode of GroundWire features stories on abortion services in P.E.I., Royal Winnipeg Ballet's production of Going Home Star, and more.
Length: 29:18 minutes (31.34 MB)

BLM tent city, music venues in London, campus radio referendum

March 31, 2016
| This episode of GroundWire features stories about the Black Lives Matter tent city in Toronto, music venues in London, a referendum on campus radio station funding at Western, and more.
Length: 27:03 minutes (24.78 MB)

GroundWire | International Women's Day episode

March 19, 2016
| Community radio news from coast to coast to coast
Length: 28:57 minutes (26.51 MB)

GroundWire | Homelessness in Canada special episode

March 2, 2016
| GroundWire's contribution to the 14th annual Homelessness Marathon.
Length: 27:27 minutes (25.15 MB)

GroundWire | February 15, 2016: Anti-racist activism, MMIW march, Water Sustainability Act

February 16, 2016
| Community radio news from coast to coast to coast.
Length: 15:44 minutes (14.42 MB)

Sophie Harkat, B.C. Enbridge pipeline and 'Harvesting Freedom'

February 2, 2016
| On this episode: Sophie Harkat, Justicia for Migrant Workers launch their campaign 'Harvesting Freedom' and the B.C. Supreme Court ruling against the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Length: 29:18 minutes (26.84 MB)