Needs No Introduction

Needs No Introduction

A series of speeches and lectures from the finest minds of our time. Fresh ideas from speakers of note.
Needs No Introduction

National Forum on Clean Energy and Industry -- Part 1

January 26, 2015
| Friday October 3, 2014: A panel discussion on renewable energy and clean technology in Canada.
Length: 1:00:36 minutes (83.24 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Sexualized violence on our campuses

January 13, 2015
| On January 9, the Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs responded to the developing crisis at the Dalhousie Dental School with a panel discussion about violence on Canadian campuses.
Length: 1:09:49 minutes (63.93 MB)
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Building the feminist agenda

December 15, 2014
| A panel discussion from the Women's Forum in Ottawa, October 2014.
Length: 48:01 minutes (87.93 MB)
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Ellen Gabriel speaks at the Peoples' Social Forum

December 8, 2014
| Ellen Gabriel discusses Canada's colonial history and the ways in which apathetic governments and cynical corporations perpetuate that legacy of Aboriginal oppression.
Length: 37:06 minutes (67.96 MB)
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Peoples' Social Forum: Media and Movements

November 17, 2014
| Today's Needs No Introduction focuses on independent media, featuring a panel discussion sponsored by at the Peoples' Social Forum.
Length: 47:51 minutes (43.82 MB)
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Captive Revolution: A book launch with Nahla Abdo

November 5, 2014
| The book launch for Captive Revolution, on Palestinian women's anti-colonial struggle within the Israeli prison system, was on Monday, November 3, 2014 in Toronto.
Length: 1:04:45 minutes (59.29 MB)
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Harperism and how it changed Canada

October 13, 2014
| Wondering how Canada got where it is today? In this podcast, Donald Gutstein talks about his new book "Harperism - How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada."
Length: 1:05:14 minutes (59.73 MB)
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Van Jones speaks to the Good Jobs Summit

October 8, 2014
| Van Jones says he came here to speak to the Good Jobs Summit because "you've got a crazy dude up here, and it's not Rob Ford." Here is his keynote address from Saturday, October 4, 2014.
Length: 51:04 minutes (93.54 MB)
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Good Jobs Summit: The Good Jobs Debate!

October 7, 2014
| Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting some of the many discussions which took place at the Good Jobs Summit. We begin with the Good Jobs Debate on Friday, October 3, 2014.
Length: 1:08:49 minutes (126.02 MB)
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An interview with Van Jones

October 2, 2014
| Van Jones is an environmental advocate, CNN commentator, and best-selling author who is a prominent voice on environment and the economy. In conversation with Claudio D'Andrea.
Length: 22:55 minutes (41.96 MB)