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rabble radio

rabble radio is the flagship show of the rpn. It's a mix of political commentary, soundseeing tours, movie reviews, and the latest in Canadian music. It's all produced by a country-wide cadre of volunteers.
rabble radio

What in the world is the World Social Forum?

May 2, 2016
| Activists from around the world will be coming to Montreal from August 9-14, 2016. Hear ye, hear ye!
Length: 29:25 minutes (28.09 MB)
rabble radio

Honduras: Tragedy and hope

April 1, 2016
| Honduras was in the spotlight with the recent murder of environmentalist Berta Caceras. But that's not stopping World Accord of Waterloo from working with their Honduran partners.
Length: 29:18 minutes (27.98 MB)
rabble radio

Sounding change: rabble radio February 2016

February 29, 2016
| We go to Podcamp Toronto 2016 and hear about diversity in radio... or more accurately, the lack of it. And how you can do your own podcast because everybody has a story that can change the world.
Length: 29:35 minutes (27.09 MB)
rabble radio

Organizing a precarious world

January 29, 2016
| A look at the world of precarious work and some creative organizing models for workers.
Length: 34:20 minutes (31.44 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio year end: Times of change

December 21, 2015
| Karl Nerenberg reflects on the results of the election of 2015, we say goodbye to Meagan Perry, and visit a project to raise awareness about homelessness.
Length: 30:42 minutes (34.26 MB)
rabble radio

Bringing community media together under the big tent: rabble radio November 2015

November 30, 2015
| A podcast from the Community Media Convergence Conference in Ottawa November 22-24, 2015.
Length: 29:59 minutes (13.73 MB)
rabble radio

Eleven Years in Your Ears - New Directions in Podcasting - rabble radio October 2015

October 30, 2015
| The rabble podcast network is 10 years old this year. Indian and Cowboy is one year old. That makes 11 years of podcasting!
Length: 32:21 minutes (29.62 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio 169: Looking ahead to E-Day

September 30, 2015
| As we enter the home stretch of Election 42, on this episode of rabble radio, we look at getting out the vote, the Harper record on the economy, and Harperman: The Movie.
Length: 35:41 minutes (27.92 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio episode 168: Get out and vote!

September 1, 2015
| The "thanks for wrecking our summer with your stupid election call, Stephen Harper" edition.
Length: 32:38 minutes (29.89 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio 167: Community radio, the rabble podcast network's big sister

August 4, 2015
| Community radio and the rabble podcast network share a lot of similarities. A look at three examples.
Length: 35:25 minutes (16.22 MB)