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Vancouver Island old-growth forest almost gone

January 18, 2017
| Ninety per cent of the forests on Vancouver Island have been logged. Now the B.C. Chamber of Commerce and the Union of B.C. Municipalities have joined the fight to save the last 10 per cent.
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Canada is wasting billions of dollars a year on prescription drugs

January 16, 2017
| A national pharmacare program would save the health-care system billions and improve the health of the one in 10 Canadians who can't afford the medication they are prescribed.
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Epidemic of overdose deaths legacy of 10 years of anti-harm reduction

January 12, 2017
| Jordan Westfall says the hundreds of drug overdose deaths are a legacy of Harper's approach. Westfall is someone who formerly used opioid drugs and wrote his master's thesis on overdose prevention.
Length: 14:21 minutes (13.15 MB)

Putting a climate lens on infrastructure spending

December 26, 2016
| The Liberal government passed a private member's bill giving funding priority to green infrastructure projects. Eric Doherty say this could mean tens of billions of dollars more for public transit.
Length: 11:43 minutes (10.74 MB)

The transformation of Canada's media landscape

December 24, 2016
| Ian Gill, a former editor at the Vancouver Sun, and Marc Edge, journalism educator and media critic, address the present and future state of Canadian media in talks recorded in Vancouver on Nov 29.
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Corruption scandals oust South Korea President Park Geun-Hye

December 23, 2016
| President Park is accused of more than a dozen corruption-related offences. Critics say the scandals, which have brought millions onto the streets, expose deep divisions in Korean society.
Length: 13:54 minutes (12.74 MB)

Last chance to give input to federal environmental assessment review

December 22, 2016
| The federal government launched a wide-ranging review of its environmental assessment process in June 2016. It's wrapping up soon but there still time to make your views known.
Length: 09:32 minutes (8.74 MB)

Washington Post creating propaganda, not exposing it

December 21, 2016
| An article in the Washington Post on Nov 4 claimed to present evidence of Russian propaganda in the form of the website Prop-or-Not. Veteran reporter Dave Lindorff calls the article sloppy journalism.
Length: 17:06 minutes (15.66 MB)

Christy Clark government wastes budget surplus on debt repayment

December 19, 2016
| British Columbians are in desperate need of affordable housing, higher social assistance rates and public school funding. Instead the government is spending a budget windfall on paying down the debt.
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Journal de Montréal columnist sues Ricochet for defamation

December 14, 2016
| Richard Martineau is suing Ricochet Media for $350,000 for a satirical piece they published mocking his ideas. Ethan Cox says Martineau is known as a staunch defender of freedom of speech and satire.
Length: 12:55 minutes (11.83 MB)