A message from former Canadian MP Jim Manly: 'Speak out against blockade of Gaza'

| October 20, 2012

A pre-recorded video of Jim Manly for distribution at the time we lose contact with him on the Estelle. The loss of communication was likely due to an intervention by the Israeli navy that cut off communication and gets ready to board the Estelle, or may have already done so. Jim Manly is a former Canadian MP (Member of Parliament 1980-88) and retired United Church Minister.



Jim Manly should look for the benefit of the native/homeless in Canada



way  :     He  is  looking  for medieranean  Sea   Adventures insted looking  for the netive and homeles benafit  In Canada


Just in - The  medieranean  Sea   Adventures is over !all safe At israel Ashdod port  basking in  in i sun eating and drinking ! Thanks God

 One more-  to the defense former MP Jim Manly and the rest of the passengers aboard the Estelle.  first from  what  ! second not from the money of the Canad en    tax payers   no no the  medieranean  Sea   Adventure of  Jim Manly and the rest of the passengers  it is  their problem


OPEN LETTER TO THE NDP - will you, as the party of conscience, help to ensure that the united church of canada assumes financial responsibility for the cultural genocide the united church of canada participated in throughout canada against the aborignal people of the first nations?

I see

Why not go to Syria where you might do some good and real bad things are occuring ?
Perhaps the white man will go back on their stinking little boats and go back to where they came from

Perhaps as a United Church minister you might ask yourself where in the bible it said the word Canada ?


The Zionist trolls are out in full force.

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