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Featuring music videos from Canadian Independent bands. Make sure to tune in every other week for a new featured Canadian artist. Don't forget to also check out rabble's music audio podcast The Ruckus.

Charlie Angus & Grievous Angels

The group was originally formed in the mid 1980s as a street-busking operation in downtown Toronto.  The line-up consisted of guitarist/ song-writer Charlie Angus, vocalist Michelle Rumball and fiddler/accordionist Peter Jellard.

In 1987, stand-up bassist Tim Hadley joined the band, followed by drummer Peter Duffin. This marked the move of the Angels to Toronto bars like the Cabana Room and the Horseshoe. In 1988, a series of demos were put together as the independent release Toute la Gang.

Indie Inside: The Willing

The Willing are a four-piece indie pop band formed in Montreal in 2012. Their main mission is to make some seriously stellar pop rock you don't have to feel guilty listening to. Consisting of Paul Col (bass), Justin Wiley (drums), Schuyler Dun Flannegan (guitars) and Will Riley (vocals), the group of young men spend most of their time together hashing together their first forth coming demo Splendid Gifts; a soup of a reccord containing various influence from '70s funk to modern day top 40 radio jams. When they're not doing that, the four are your typical mid-20s bachelors, playing video games, drinking beer and working your run of the mill lame restaurant jobs. With lots on the way, they keep fingers crossed and chins up, gearing up for a big year to come!

Indie Inside: Esmerine

Esmerine was co-founded in early 2000s by percussionist Bruce Cawdron (Godpseed You! Black Emperor) and cellist Rebecca Foon (Thee Silver Mt. Zion, Saltland) soon after the two met while recording the first Set Fire To Flames record Signs Reign Rebuilder (2001) at the old brothel at 10 rue Ontario Est in Montreal. Esmerine released two critically-acclaimed albums of modern chamber music in the first half of that decade: If Only a Sweet Surrender to the Nights to Come Be True (2003) and Aurora (2005). These albums have have one foot in the new music/experimental terrain of contemporaries like Rachel's or Town And Country and the other in a more visceral and lyrical landscape populated by the likes of Dirty Three (and GY!BE themselves).

Indie Inside: Minotaurs

This month, we are treated with a special 8+ minute performance by Minotaurs.

Minotaurs are an afro-psychedelic-indie-folk-funk group. Helmed by song-writer, drummer, author, and activist Nathan Lawr, Minotaurs combine afrobeat’s slinky backbone and Nathan’s songs to create a propulsive, catchy and mind-boggling funky experience. Their newest album ‘New Believers’ is available at all fine actual and virtual music outlets

Indie Inside: The Caravan

The Caravan knows how to keep you guessing. Approaching hip hop from the left field, the Halifax-based band has explored influences on all ends of the sonic spectrum. But while a single genre may be elusive for this three-piece, there's nothing vague about its presence. With rhymes pulsing through him from a young age, wise wordsmith Kyle McKenna is a dominant force on stage—both lyrically and physically. Combine his honest and unpredictable flow with the musical chops of genre-bending composer/engineer Mike Ritchie (guitar, keys) and effervescent drummer Mark Bachynski (Classified, Bend the River) and the result is nothing short of dynamic.

Indie Inside: Gmanwolf

This month’s Indie Inside has recently signed to non-profit record label Revolution Harmony.

Indie Inside: Maria In The Shower

Take a trip out West this month for our newest installment of Indie Inside:

You may not find a woman or a shower next time you see Maria 
in the Shower, Vancouver's favourite vaudevillian quartet. 
But then again, they are a band that embraces contradiction 
wholeheartedly. The quartet revels in the fun and challenge 
of making old music feel new, writing and performing 
material that is as fresh as it is traditional.

Simultaneously humorous and apocalyptic, human and 
otherworldly, these four young men have the entertaining 
power of a traveling circus with the musical depth to back 
it up. 

Indie Inside - Three Little Birds

Three Little Birds is a fusion of three distinct women who candidly sing their minds on social and political issues. Drawing upon a variety of musical influences; their songs combine everything from Balkan styled harmonies within reggae beats to country-flavoured melodies amidst Tin-Pan Era arrangements. Erin Saoirse Adair is an Ottawa-based singer-songwriter and folk musician, Amelia Leclair is a singer/percussionist who studied Latin music styles while in Brazil and Angela Schleihauf is currently studying oboe performance at the University of Ottawa. Three Little Birds are defined by the eclectic mélange of their diverse interests.

Indie Inside: Michael Holt

Currently based in Toronto, Native New Yorker and member of internationally acclaimed band The Mommyheads, self-proclaimed "cultural activist" Michael Holt spends much of his time on projects aimed at getting folks away from their computers and home entertainment systems, and back into intimate engagement with each other, culture, and what's really happening on the planet. He has released seven solo albums and toured extensively in Europe, the U.S., and Canada. His emotional, diverse, melodic music has been compared artists like Rufus Wainwright, Elvis Costello, and The Beatles.

Video: Casseroles--Montreal May 24

For more than 100 days, Quebec students have been protesting a rise in tuition fees. With the imposition of Loi 78, limiting the rights to protest, Quebecers en masse have been joining them in the streets -- with pots and pans. 

Every evening at 8:00 p.m. people meet in the street with their pots and pans and make all the noise they can in protest. Music thanks to the band Avec pas d'casque and their record label Grosse Boîte

INTUITION #1 -- Avec pas d'casque
© Grosse Boîte


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