Syndicate content Significant events or milestones in the social justice movement.
Finnish May Day parade 1928
April 22 is Earth Day
Ottawa Vigil For Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
Mark your calendars!
The UN recognized international year of the woman in 1975
a poster for the memorial march
Every human has rights
A candle lit in memory of trans folks who have been murdered
a flier for an egyptian protest
A crowd of protesters hold up pictures of Troy Davis's face to their own
A Two Row Wampum Banner
Native American activist Leonard Peltier
blood on the Indian act
The first large scale gay rights protest in Canada
A Canadian flag with the pride rainbow integrated into it
bottled water free day poster
A controversial poster from anti-israeli apartheid week
Harry Potter books, And Tango Makes Three and colouring books have been banned
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Protesters dressed in jump suites hold a banner that says "close Guantanamo"
Red umbrellas are commonly used to show solidarity among sex workers
Memorial plate of the École Polytechnique Massacre, on the site of the school.
Stasi Emblem
Indigenous Women Fight Back
1920 Cartoon depicting mass deportation of subversives
Indigenous Woman at an Idle No More Demo
An artist's depiction of Chloe Cooley
Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien authors of The White Paper 1969
then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell pretending to hold a vial of Anthrax