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nothing says safer sex like sexy condoms!
The logo for the Montreal People's Commission Network
the trans umbrella covers many identities
Activist holding a sit in next to a garbage can
The prison industrial complex
the logo from mad prode toronto
sometimes it helps to have legal observers clearly marked
a red ribbon for HIV awareness
gender plays a role in the prison industrial complex
bibendum/Flickr via Creative Commons License
union jobs mean a better community
people join social movements for different reasons
Challenge white supremacy logo
Western state centre logo
The best defence is knowing when you need one
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Vancouver Public Library via Creative Commons License
colonialism is still alive in Canada
OFL Logo
The cover of the eyes on the fries workshop guide
food is a lot more complex than it looks
Shop talk takes participants through the basics of effective public speaking
Book (public domain)
trauma informed care 101
growing food yourself has become the most radical act of protest
puberty doesn't have to represent confusion and shame to young women
words associated with restorative justice
Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Woman and Children
Clip art of a person in bed recieving water near a table with flowers
Graffiti that says oppression can only survive through silence
Promoting your union
hands holding coffee beans over a cloth bag that says fair trade
direct action such as sit in are very effective
a group makes decisions through consensus