babble is‘s discussion board but it’s much more than that: it’s an online community for folks who just won’t shut up. It’s a place to tell each other — and the world — what’s up with our work and campaigns. A place to make allies, to organize action. A place to debate and to babble.

babblers are people who say “no” to economic exploitation. We decry intolerance based on race, gender, or sexual orientation. Some of us are union members that put workers’ lives first. We believe in deepening democracy rather than corporate rule — and that includes fully accessible public education and health care. We think wealth should be shared and not horded by a select few. And we believe that protecting our environment from the ravages of greed is central to our future.

We demand much from our communities and still more from ourselves. But that doesn’t mean we have all the answers. So we act and we babble, and even argue sometimes — knowing that this gets us somewhere.

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